League's Magical Cat Sets Its Return on League's Patch 10.15

Riot's lead gameplay designer, Mark "Scruffy Yetter, posted on twitter a preview of the planned changes that will come on patch 10.15. Together with Skarner and Swain's confirmed buffs, Yuumi will receive a compensation for her nerf from the previous patch 10.13. Alongside them, Irelia, Shen, Gragas, and Caitlyn are also set to receive their own buffs.


Yuumi was one of the best supports in League of Legends. With his heal, movement buff and impairment kit, she can win the game just by riding her most fed teammate. In patch 10.13, she received a major nerf on her zoomies. It prevented her from spamming heal and movement speed. In the upcoming patch 10.15, Riot decided to give Yuumi's passive a buff to compensate for the large mana cost of her E ability. Fingers crossed, we all hope that this buff won't make her a broken cat again.

Mark Yetter's Preview for Patch 10.15.jpg

Mark Yetter's Preview for Patch 10.15
Skarner is considered as a weak jungler in current League's meta, Riot decided to give his Q and empowered damage some boost. Riot will also remove the missile's decreasing speed after hitting enemies in Skarner's E ability. As for Swain, Riot gave him a major tweaking. His passive no longer restores mana but now scales with cooldown reduction. Swain's Q cone is narrower and now passes through champions. His W will receive major buffs in range, damage, and lesser mana cost. Swain's E will receive reduced cooldown and mana cost.


However, some of our favorite picks will also receive nerfs. Together with the Blind Monk, Twisted Fate, Ornn,Tresh, and Aphelios' turret will receive a nerf from the upcoming patch. Lee Sin's power in the early game may have caught Riot's attention. Although players were rather complaining to Lee Sin's late game weakness against scaling and tank champions. Riot was also alerted with Fiddlesticks' tank meta and decided to nerf him too.

According to Riot Scruffy's tweet, all the changes will be released tomorrow.
Lilia, the new jungle champion, and all of these will hit the Rift on July 22. What do you think of these changes? Share us your thoughts.
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