Leaked Free-for-All Mode Might Come to Valorant Soon

Valorant was fully release by Riot recently and became one of the most played game during this season. And just like any other multiplayer games out there, Valorant constantly receives an update to keep it fresh. In the latest patch notes of 1.03, Riot released an amazing dragon cosmetic skin and tweaked some features.

As always, data miners will do their best to take at least a peek into the future. With the latest patch, a Reddit user named Mang0eLeaks have discovered a new game mode that might get released in future updates.


Together with tons of other information dug from the patch 1.03, a hint of Free-for-All game mode has been discovered. For those who are not familiar with this specific game mode, FFA mode is similar to battle royale with the exception of a huge map. Your main objective is to kill all the other players in the map and get the highest kill score. And unlike the battle royale games, you instantly respawn after your death in FFA mode. The items and skills might get a few tweaks for balancing.

The developers may put some powerups around the map just like in Spike Rush mode. Based from what Mang0eLeaks have posted, it seems Riot will test it out first on a single map. We can also see that one of the files is created as a backup file for the Ascent map. Just like the reddit user's assumption, we might see a modified Ascent map for this FFA game mode.

Valorant b.png

This image came from MangoeLeaks' reddit post
Free-for-All is an interesting add to minor game mode like Spike Rush. It makes the game enjoyable if you get bored or stressed from playing the normal unrated or competitive Bomb mode. Aside from FFA, Riot is also interested on adding Deathmatch type of game mode. There are a lot of exciting updates to look forward to. On the top of this game mode, here are the other leaks included in Mang0eLeaks' reddit post.

After the release of the dragon bundle, we might soon get a Cyberpunk and Fallen skin set. Waiting for a new agent to come? A leak of a new agent named KillJoy might join the battle soon. Although all of these are still leaks and unconfirmed by Riot, it keeps the game fresh and exciting for both new and old players. All the other information was confirmed by the release of patch notes 1.03. What do you think of the idea of Free-for-All game mode in Valorant? Share us your thoughts.