Leaks from Genshin Impact 3.5 Update includes new characters Mika and Dehya

HoYoVerse has just recently released Genshin Impact's 3.4 update, but several leaks and rumours from its 3.5 update are already surfacing. The Genshin Impact community seems to be more enthused about all the intangible upcoming game updates. So in this post, we'll examine all the leaks that have been made so far about the planned releases that will be in the Genshin Impact Patch 3.5 Update, offering fans a sneak peek at Dehya and Mika's potential roles in the game.


New Playable Characters​


Dehya, the most recent addition to the 5-star Pyro character roster, is one of the two characters whose identities are now known and who is the most eagerly anticipated character in Genshin Impact's Version 3.5 update. More details have been released about her skills, attacks, and even constellation upgrades. Her kit indicates that she will serve as the team's primary DPS and seems to be quite the big hitter.


Dehya's Ascension and Talent Materials are currently required due to the game's power creep in order to fully upgrade Dehya to Level 90 using crowns. It is believed that Dehya will rank among the game's top heavy hitters in the DPS category. Players will be free to gather these upgrade materials before even their release if they so choose. After the 3.5 Update is released, it will surely significantly cut down on upgrading time.


Mika, the 4-star cryo polearm user, is the second of the two characters who are presently being leaked for the upcoming update. In the same way, details on his capabilities, attacks, and even constellation upgrades are currently known. He appears to be a sub-DPS or support character so far, giving teammates heals while also increasing friends' attack speed.


Materials for Mika's Ascension and Talent are currently required in order to fully upgrade Mika to Level 90 using crowns. Even though Mika is a 4-star character, the player's team can use him as a healer or sub-DPS in the second team for Abyss or if players don't have better options like Jean, Bennett, Zhongli, and others.

Dehya and Mika's New Weapons​

There are presently two weapons that would be introduced as part of the Genshin Impact 3.5 Update that have been included in the leaks and been made public. This is incredibly fantastic news for claymore users because it appears that both of these weapons are claymores. Also, in this update, we get to see how each weapon will work and how it will help the present cast of characters. Additionally, gamers may now see how the new weapons look like, especially those who are more concerned with aesthetics than with build usefulness.


The first of the two revealed weapons is primarily targeted towards the user's attack stat because it significantly boosts it by being hit with the elemental skill and taking damage. Heavy hitters that primarily rely on their attack stat to deal damage may find this to be of great use. Particularly Eula, who may profit from the item's enormous attack bonus, increasing her damage potential. In addition, if the user does not have any shields, the weapon increases the user's maximum health by an astounding 64%. This improves the tankiness of characters like Eula by allowing them to survive without the need for backup characters like Diona and Zhongli. Finally, this weapon appears to be Dehya's canonical weapon, which means it has been specifically designed to meet her needs as a damage dealer.


The next weapon is a greenish-blue claymore that appears to be designed to improve the user's elemental skill and reaction. Sayu, a sub-DPS character who relies on elemental reactions to deal damage, may find this to be very helpful. Likewise, Razor and Diluc, DPS characters that have slipped off the meta, may find this to be helpful as they have the potential to deal greater damage thanks to elemental mastery damage.

New Enemies​

At present, there are two new Genshin Impact foes that have been leaked. These two are referred to as the equivalents of Black Serpent Knight: Rockbreaker Ax and Abyss Herald: Frost Fall. These two are regarded as formidable foes, comparable to the larger Fatui agents who might leave future upgrade materials for more recent characters.

Being aware of potential leaks in the 3.5 update is crucial and highly essential information to have so that players may be prepared for what to expect in their future gameplay and playthroughs of Genshin Impact. But since the HoYoverse hasn't made it expressly clear, all information is liable to change. As a result, players should acknowledge that they are using the information above at their own risk.