Leaks reveals that Moonton plans to implement the 10-ban draft system in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with no plans yet about the Role Queue System

In Draft picking, players of all ranks, such as Legend, Mythic, Mythical Honor, and Mythical Glory, get to partake in that segment of a match to ban some heroes that they think will let the opponent team have an upper hand than them. In connection to that, as leaks suggest that the 10-ban draft Mythic will arrive in the game, we will be talking about that as well as the Role Queue system.

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In a usual setting, each team will get to ban three heroes before the match, which will total into six banned heroes, but in some rare cases, players can skip their bans. However, current leaks have suggested that Moonton will be implementing the draft pick-style that we only see in a Mobile Legends professional tournament.

If this feature does truly arrive, a regular match in the game will see players ban ten heroes, five for each team, following the 10-ban system. The new feature is said to arrive in the game in the 2nd half of this year along with the new emblem system that was leaked as well to be released soon.

Leaks have also suggested that as of the moment, Moonton doesn't have any plans about the Role Queue during Ranked matches. In case you’re wondering what Role Queue is, it’s a segment in a match wherein there’s a fixed role for players to fill in. To further explain it, before a match begins, each team must have a Tank hero, 2 carry heroes (Jungler + Marksman), a Fighter role hero, and a Mage role hero. However, as what was mentioned, we must wait for Moonton’s plan about this in the future.