Leaks suggest that map Shipment 1944 will arrive in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile dataminers reveals that the map Shipment 1944 will be returning in the coming next season of the game.

shipment 1944.jpg

Shipment 1944 is a small, tight and nearly symmetrical square map. Because of its layout, players are in constant conflict with each other. Supply crates are situated around in the area. Also, the map has two major areas: the center where two intersecting lanes cross between the stacked middle crates and the other is a square border around the center.

As there are supply crates around the map, five are available for players to enter with four to each side of the perimeter and one in the middle. There are two crates that are clear and open on both sides while the rest are closed on one end with barrels inside to provide slight protection. Note that these crates are mostly occupied, especially the one in the middle.

There are also barrels in the outside corners of the central crates that players can use for cover when defending or when peaking around the corners. The perimeter corners can also provide cover as there’s a vehicle in each corner of the right side of the map while in the left are supply boxes and barrels.

shipment 1944_1.jpg

Add to that, note that the open crates on the left and right sides of the map are slightly askew to the supply boxes that they are next to, which leaves small open wedges on both ends. Enemies are often in these areas as they use it to gain easy kills against players that dashes through the area.

As always, since this information is still a leak, take it with a grain of salt. But if this is true, we can expect this new map to arrive in Season 12 of the game.