Leap Trigger - Kickstarter Campaign For New AR Hero Shooter Game Will Start On December 18th iOS Android 

It feels like 2021 is going to be an awesome year for gamers. There are a lot of developers and studios announcing an estimated release this coming year. And just like everybody else, Gravity, a Japanese AR studio, is gearing up for their possible breakthrough with their new game - Leap Trigger. They already have a goal in mind and, to be honest, the sum that they're asking shows their humbleness despite the huge potential their game is carrying.


You can already imagine a lot of things just by looking at the image above. But, let's focus first on their Kickstarter campaign which will begin on December 18th. They are aiming to raise $7500 USD or 750,000 JPY which will help them create new heroes and monsters as they update the game. And, to make it more interesting, various huge rewards, depending on the amount, await those who will help.


Just by giving $25 USD, you'll get tons of perks already! If you look at the $60 USD rewards, you'll get all the rewards from the $25 Reward Pack and I think that's still worth adding $20 to get 3 additional rewards (5 if you'll count the 3 limited pre-sale skins individually). But, that $1000 reward is the real deal here.

You'll get the chance to collaborate with the creators themselves. Imagine this - what if the game became a hit and you have your own LeapTriger skin? Yes! That's exactly it! Although it's not written there, if we're going to follow how the $60 pack inherited the $25 rewards, it's possible that the $1000 pack includes all the other rewards from the previous packs. Just imagine that.


Unlike the usual funding that we've been seeing when it comes to game development, a $7500 crowdfunding is relatively small. A rich person may easily donate that kind of amount in no time. Well, according to the press, if the campaign exceeds their target, they're going to offer other rewards to the backers.
You might be thinking that they're small-time new team developers in town hence the small target. But, I kid you not, they're a tenured team in AR development founded back in 2017. They've already raised at least $2.7 million from investors and they're using it to build this new game.


Now, let's talk about the game already. Gravity is trying to create a new genre called "AR Hero Shooter" using Leap Trigger. If you're familiar with how Pokemon GO or The Walking Dead: Our World works, then you already have the idea of how this game might work. Leap Trigger will turn your surroundings into a battlefield and you'll use your phone's camera to see it.

According to the game description, it's a PVP battle with monsters. You use your phone to shoot and battle against your opponent and alongside you is your trusty "buddy". So, it's like a mixed-up Pokemon shooting game except that you're the main battler here.


I think the most unique part of this game might be the evasion system. The game description states that you'll need to use your physical body to avoid your opponent's bullets. Another thing that made me curious is the question of whether they're going to limit your battlefield within a certain radius when battling against a physical opponent in your area or not.

Imagine battling against your friend in school and he ran home because he's about to lose. Are you supposed to chase him or not? That's silly thinking tho. I guess we'll see it once the game is out.


As I have said in the beginning, Gravity is preparing the game for its estimated release by 2021. The game looks great and different from any existing AR mobile games out there. Oh, did I say mobile? Yes! They're planning to release it globally on iOS and Android AR-supported devices. So, if you want to become part of their progress, please consider joining in their Kickstarter campaign this coming December 18th. Now, for the credits, roll it!

I'm giving all the credits for the images, the content itself, and trailers that I've included here, to Gravity Inc. The game has a huge potential especially since we all love playing with friends or relatives. We're looking forward to your updates and the official launch of Leap Trigger. God speed to you and your campaign this December!

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