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Nov 4, 2018
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What is LeaverBuster?

Leaver Buster is a system we have implemented in order to discourage Summoners from repeatedly leaving matches and/or idling during gameplay. Summoners who exhibit this behavior and have a trend of leaving/idling in games will earn suspensions against their League of Legends account.
  • Can you lift my suspension?
No. We will not lift or reduce suspensions from Leaver Buster under any circumstances.
  • I just disconnected from two games! Am I going to get banned?
Probably not. The system will only suspend you if you consistently leave/idle games.
  • It is not my fault. My internet/your servers disconnected me. I had a real-life emergency. I had to get off the computer. The game crashed. Unban me!
You are not banned from a single leave. We understand that players may be forced to leave from time to time so the system has been designed to reduce your leaver level as you play games without leaving or idling. If you are not consistently leaving games you will not be banned.
  • What can I do about my Leaver Level?
It takes a pattern of leaves or idles to be affected by the Leaver Buster system. Make sure you can commit to upwards 40 minutes of uninterrupted play time before joining a match. If you find that you are having many instances of emergencies, disconnections, etc., please resolve these issues as best as you can.
  • I crashed and got a leave/ELO loss. Can I get those removed from my account?
Our system does not allow the removal of leaves or the modification of ELO. It was designed in this manner in order to prevent corruption. We're currently working on a system to better accommodate disconnects.
  • How long can I get banned for?
The Leaver Buster system issues bans between 1 hour and 7 days depending on your Leaver Level. As the number of leaves against your account increases, you will receive harsher penalties that could culminate in the permanent suspension of your League of Legends account. The system periodically issues permanent bans against accounts that have hit the 7 day ban too many times.
  • Are ranked, normal, and co-op games treated differently?
Double penalties are issued for idling/leaving ranked games.
  • I left a custom/tutorial game and I got a warning that my account may be temporarily suspended? I thought custom games didn't count?
They don't. This message will appear every time you leave a game, but custom and tutorial games will not earn you a Leaver Level. Leaverbuster only applies to games you have to queue up for = Normal, Ranked, and Co-Op Vs AI.
  • I'm a paying user. Shouldn't I get a bit of leniency on this?
No. Every Summoner contributes to their team's victory or defeat on the Fields of Justice. Those who repeatedly leave games or idle during gameplay hurt their team and the overall experience of all Summoners on the field. In order to discourage this behavior, we must take action against those who make it a habit by issuing suspensions.

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