LeBron James intents to become a streamer sparking a bidding war between Twitch and Kick

LeBron James is renowned as one of the greatest athletes with numerous accolades under his name. Now, the NBA star is ready to take on a new challenge that is way different from what we are all used to seeing. LeBron James has revealed that he is looking to stream Madden NFL, prompting Twitch and Kick into a bidding war in the replies.

lebron james.png

Through one of his recent tweets, LeBron expressed his intentions of becoming a streamer. He also asked his fans in his tweet which platform he should use. Of course, the known platforms, Kick and Twitch, immediately went on war to get LeBron.

Popular Kick content creators Adin Ross and Trainwreck swooped in, with Ross promising “to get a bag” for “his glorious king”. Even UFC fighter Max Holloway joined in as he himself joined the platform a few months prior.

madden nfl.jpg

However, Twitch opted for a different approach. Twitch CEO Daniel Clancy casually explained how Twitch is the place to be for LeBron. He also recognizes his minor bias in the matter as he is running the platform but some fans told LeBron to ignore both Kick and Twitch and just stick to YouTube.

Regardless of which platform LeBron will choose, it is a fact that when he’ll finally stream, it will be an immediate hit. Stay tuned!