Legacy of Discord Account 10.5B (110K unused Diamonds) USD150 only Account 

Guild of Guardians


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Feb 21, 2019
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Full Name
Legacy of Discord Account (HKT Server) - Singapore player
GTArcade login.

10.5B+ account
VIP 13
Unused Diamonds : 110k+
Top 1 guild, Officer rank.

2x legendary golden pets (Annihilus & Hydra)
Many other red pets, almost all
3x R11 wraithwings
3 Glory shields (fire at lvl 4, frost & storm both at lvl 5)
3 Greek morphs (Zeus, Aphrodite, Arachne)
12x Advance Treasure Maps

All metamorph except 6 star & 7 star & Frosty.
Mounts many, (eg. Azura dragon, crimson, sabre, golden horse and all the basic mounts)
Some with 6* armandments (mainly 4*)

Quite alot of items in inventory so im not listing.
Selling USD 150 (Paypal Only)
RFS : I've quit already, just checking weekly.
*Last i checked, i was still in top 10 arena. - might drop by 1 due to active server.
Whatsapp : +65 84885750
or Messenger : Carrot Chinese Wee
Request for pictures also can. I don't know how to post picture here so private msg me and i can send them to you :)
hahaha thanks for viewing ! :)