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Aug 7, 2018
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Cloud Continent! One of the countless planets in the dark universe, where it is also the only planet that succeeded in fending off the demon army invasion from time to time.

However, the demon army is not halting here! They exploited the loophole of time and space nodes to re-open the Devil's Gate. In the near future, the demon army will eventually invade and claim the Cloud Continent!

In order to fight back the invasion of the demon army, the Guardian of the Spirit selects the young elite like you to go to the battlefield and defend our home!

Legend Fantasy is a classic MMORPG.
You, as a Guardian, choose one of the 3 classes in the world. Warrior, Mage, Enchanter.

You can control and attack enemies using virtual joypad. Progress and level up your Guardian by completing quest objectives.

Closed Beta Test Instructions

Android & iOS

1. CBT will be conducted through the TestFlight app
2. Download TestFlight and Legend Fantasy here: http://bit.ly/LFCBTiOS
3. Start your Legend Fantasy adventure on CBT!

1. Copy and paste this link onto your browser : http://bit.ly/LFCBTapk
2. Enjoy yourself in Legend Fantasy!

Use this promo code to claim your welcome gift!
1. Tap on the "Gift" button near the top right
2. In the Gift popup, tap on the "Exchange" button at the way at the bottom
3. Input the Promo Code: ZB8UZB8UCB57
4. Press "Redeem"

Up! Up! All the way with Closed Beta Events!!

Closed Beta: 28 May 2019 - 10 June 2019, 13:00 (GMT+8)

Closed Beta starts! Make use of these events to level up fast, let's see how far you can go! In-app purchases will be unavailable during this period and game progress in Frontier (server) will also reset after Closed Beta.

Event 1: Level Up Rush Event
28 May 2019 - 3 June 2019
  • First 2000 players to reach Lvl 22: Silver Coin x50000 + Drill Potion (Novice) x8 + Drill Book (Novice) x8
  • First 1000 players to reach Lvl 26: Silver Coin x100000 + EXP Pellet (S) x50 + Sacred Dew x4
  • First 500 players to reach Lvl 27: Silver Coin x100000 + Draft Beer x5 + Mount's Food x8
  • First 250 players to reach Lvl 28: Silver Coin x150000 + Stat Potion (M) x8 + Normal Card Pack x1
  • First 100 players to reach Lvl 29: Silver Coin x200000 + EXP Pellet (M) x10 + Fortifying Craft Pack (M) x1
  • First 50 players to reach Lvl 30: Silver Coin x250000 + Jewel Bag Lv.3 x2 + Mount's Upgrade Pellet x1
  • First 20 players to reach Lvl 31: Silver Coin x300000 + Low Lv. Skill Tome x2 + Memory Crystal x4
Event 2: Power Level Rush Event
28 May 2019 - 3 June 2019
  • First 1000 players to reach 50000 Power: Low Refined Item Pack x1 + Jewel Pack Lv.3 x1
  • First 500 players to reach 70000 Power: Normal Card Pack x1 + Fortifying Craft Pack (S) x1
  • First 250 players to reach 90000 Power: Mount's Food x6 + Mount's Upgrade Pellet x1
  • First 100 players to reach 120000 Power: Soul of Mount x5
  • First 50 players to reach 150000 Power: High Lv. Skill Tome x2
Event 3: Closed Beta Level Up Campaign
28 May 2019 - 10 June 2019
Get up to $70 worth of ingame rewards! The more you play now, the more rewards you'll get during Official Launch! Based on player's character level during Closed Beta, players will receive rewards during Official Launch.

Rewards will be sent to players from 10th to 17th June. Please create your new Character during Official Launch by 17th June

In the event of Multiple Characters in one same account, the rewards will be sent to your Highest Level Character during Official Launch

Players are advised to not delete the game after Closed Beta to prevent any technical issues. It is best to keep a screenshot of your Player ID and Player Name just in case! (Settings->Player)
  • Level 20-29: 150,000 Silver Coins, 200 Gems
  • Level 30-39: 400,000 Silver Coins, 700 Gems
  • Level 40-49 900,000 Silver Coin, 1700 Gems
  • Level 50 onwards: 2,000,000 Silver Coin, 4000 Gems
Event 4: Closed Beta Players Gem Giveaway
28 May 2019 - 10 June 2019
Over USD100 worth of items to be given away throughout Closed Beta! All you need to do is just log in the game everyday for a period of time and claim your reward from Inbox. The rewards will expire the next day, so remember to play everyday!
  • 28th May: 400 gems
  • 29th May: 400 gems
  • 30th May: 400 gems + King of Fist Skin
  • 31st May: 400 gems
  • 1st June: 400 gems
  • 2nd June: 400 gems
  • 3rd June: 400 gems + Permafrost Skin
  • 4th June: 400 gems
  • 5th June: 400 gems
  • 6th June: 400 gems + Wretched Colt Mount
  • 7th June: 400 gems
  • 8th June: 400 gems
  • 9th June: 400 gems
  • 10th June: 400 gems
Event 5: Exp Boost +50%
28 May 2019 - 10 June 2019
100% extra Exp earned from all Daily Activities (e.g Daily Quest, Zones, Banquet)

Event 6: Silver Coin Boost +50%
28 May 2019 - 10 June 2019
100% extra Silver Coins earned from all Daily Activities (e.g Daily Quest, Zones, Bounty)

Closed Beta Bug Catcher Event

28 May 2019 - 10 June 2019
Help make our game better! Report any bugs found in game to our staff via Helpshift, Facebook, or Discord. All verified bugs will be updated on our Discord and on this Facebook Note.

When reporting a bug, please give the following details:
-Player Name:
-Player ID:
-Contact Email:
-Bug Description:

How to access Helpshift in game: Tap on the '?' icon on the login screen, followed by the Chat icon on the top right corner

For each Unique Bug found, all Closed Beta players who submitted at least 1 Unique Bug will receive 10 Gems when Official Launch starts! (Max of 1000 Gems). Rewards will be sent to email which player used to register for Closed Beta.
[Unique Bugs reported and verified will be reported below, currently there's no Unique Bugs]

Helpshift Guide

Step 1: Tap on "Settings"

Step 2: Tap on"Help" button.

Step 3: Tap on Helpshift's chat icon to start a chat with us.

Step 4: Type anything and send it to initiate our chat bot.

Step 5: Key in relevant details when prompted. Attach your screenshot by tapping on the paperclip icon.

Step 5: Key in relevant details when prompted. Attach your screenshot by tapping on the paperclip icon.

Guardians can also access Helpshift via the login screen as shown below:

Access Helpshift via login screen

Guild Gifts
Guild is the best support system you can get! Join a Guild now to enjoy these Guild-only perks! Stay tuned for more information on Guilds this week!

Weekly Gift
Guild Gifts are provided every Monday

Guild Shop
Donate Silver or Gold coins to gain Contribution. Generous Guild members can donate Gems too! Higher valued donation brings more Contribution. Use Contributions to buy various items from Guild Shop.

Guild Delivery
A Guild Leader can open the Guild delivery event at 20:00 - 20:30 everyday. Participants will receive rewards after they complete the delivery.

Guild Banquet
A Guild Leader can open the Guild Banquet once a day. All guild members are welcome to join, and they will gain more EXP if they come as a team!

Flat Trade
An airship from Fiat will stop by the guild at 12:30 - 13:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Fulfill the Chamber's requests to receive rewards!

Monster's Invasion
Monsters will attack the Guild at 12:30 - 13:00 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Members are advised to return to their Guild to help defend.

Guild Defense
Guild Defense happens once a week and powerful Guilds can challenge higher difficulties. All participants will receive a reward.

Guild Lord
The Guild Lord event can be opened once a week. All players can participate. Kill the Lord to receive big rewards.