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Jun 27, 2018
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First room:
Stay in the office and let all of them come to you. Mccree can easily line up headshots as they walk in and kill them easily along with genji.

After Door is open:
Reaper can go pull them and they'll file in the door just like the office idea.

First Sniper:
Focus on killing the adds directly behind her long range so you don't have to worry about them. Then let genji go first and deflect the first sniper bullet as everyone else goes up to the sniper.

Stay in the place where the sniper first is and wait for enemies to come to you. When boats come in let mccree ult the boats. When snipers come in let genji and mccree deal with snipers. Moira just use your healing ball on CD and save your spray. Mccree focus on enforcers as they get closer and try to headshot every time, Genji, you too.

Room after Harbor:
This room is your safety net for this next part. Focus on killing everyone in this room then have genji go on the bridge to spawn the two snipers and then go back in the room. There are two things you can do here. 1. genji can poke and deflect the sniper shots or just throw some headshot damage or 2. reaper can teleport up there and ult them and take care of them himself. He might need a Moira healing orb.

Assassin courtyard:
Go up the stairs to the left as soon as you walk through the arch. You'll then be up on the floor where the two snipers spawned. STACK TOGETHER. You want to stand a little back from the doorway for when enforcers come in but other than that stack so when the assassin attacks, MELEE THE ASSASSIN AS SOON AS SHE ATTACKS ONE OF YOU, YOU DO NOT NEED MCCREE'S FLASH TO STOP THE ASSASSIN. For extra damage wait a second after she's been stunned before she runs off to stun her again with Mccree's flashbang.

First Heavy Assault:
Use the same room with the balcony but wait until the Heavy comes up the stairs after you. Once he's coming up the stairs run all the way to the wall behind where he spawned (before you go into the art gallery). Let him come to one of the sides and your team runs all the way to the other end of the wall. You then proceed to do poke damage on the boss as he comes closer. When he gets almost to you, run to the other end on the side he isn't on. Sometimes he will charge so just be ready to run early and since you're only poking, you shouldn't get pinned. Mccree can stun when he wants and reaper can wraith if he wants to get some extra damage in and get away safe. This method doesn't spawn any adds so you only have to focus the boss down. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS METHOD.

Art Gallery:
Kill the first couple of units you can then reaper or genji go start the scenario where they drop from the ceiling. Everyone run outside and stack just like you did for the assassin the first time. melee as soon as she jumps one of you. When they funnel out of the doorway moira can ult all of them and melt them easily. Mccree is a good ult too. reaper is not the best ult as multiple enforcers firing can fuck you up.

Last Stage Start:
There is a room past the dining area up top that is kinda small. You still spend most of your time here until the assaults. You might think it's a bad idea but you have long range to deal with enforcers later with mccree ults and moira can bounce her ball in the room continuously.

Last Stage Sniper and Assassins:
This room is small enough for you all to stay grouped to melee the assassin just like you have been the entire time. Snipers genji can handle with deflects and poke damage. Mccree can help with the close range snipers as well but try not to long range them as genji is better suited.

Last Stage Heavy Assaults:
This part is the most time consuming of all and boring parts. The first heavy will spawn by the robot host in the front area. He will either walk underneath and up the harbor stairs or up the dining room stairs and over. The second heavy assault should drop on top of the dining room area. At this point you want to drop in the back area right behind that little room you've been in the entire time. If you can wait as long as possible for the heavy units to come towards you guys. Then proceed to run up the stairs on the way back to the art gallery and across. The heavy units should come through the arch next to the host area and then come up the stairs you came up. You can get some damage in here but be careful with how much damage you take as you don't want to fuck your group over. When they come up the stairs they should charge over to your room. Once they are too close for your comfort, run directly across as soon as you come out the bottom and get some damage. Then go down those stairs when they get close and run all the way to the other side. When they get close jump down from where you originally were and restart the cycle all over again. The key here is making sure you don't leave super early and split them so that they don't pinch your group. Once you defeat both of them, you get on the ship. BE CAREFUL AS ENEMIES KEEP SPAWNING AND AN ENFORCER CAN FUCK YOU UP.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.