Legends of Runeterra: First Impression to The New CCG Mobile Game

Guild of Guardians
Riot expanded their repertoire of games with the launching of Legends of Runeterra in Android and iOS today. Though the genre is entirely different from their popular MOBA game League of Legends, the characters and stories are entirely the same. You will still control the champions from LOL but the combat is entirely dependant on how you will play your cards on board.

Legends of Terra is a mobile Collectible Card Game (CCG) that reminisces the frantic gameplay of Hearthstone fused with the Magic: The Gathering's engaging mechanics. Even if you haven't played any CCG, the rules are simple enough for you to get ahead of the game using a deck that could be based on one or two Champions from the LOL universe.

The aim of every match is to reduce the Nexus points of your foe from 20 to 0. To do this, you need to summon your champs, call forth allies and cast game-changing spells to outwit and outmatch your opponent.

I've been playing a couple of CCG before and Runeterra is the only CCG that deviates from a lot of the old cliche of its predecessor. Worth noticing here is that both you and opponents exchange turns for attacking and blocking.

This is unlike other CCG that you can do both in one turn or some even only let you just attack. This provides a welcome challenge to come up with varying strategies and more holistic gameplay that push you to mind your every move.

Another unique feature of Runterra is that all champions can level up during the game by meeting certain conditions like damaging the nexus of your foe or when your opponent has no cards on its hands.

Upon leveling up, champions will gain an increase in attack and health. Some would also receive the additional effect that will make them more formidable during the game.

The pace of your match can be dictated by what deck will you use. For example, the deck based on Spider Queen Elise allows you to spam low mana cost units to overwhelm your opponent with barrages of attacks; similar to aggro type deck in Magic: The Gathering.

This could end the match quickly by sheer force but if you want a more cool and tactical style, you can try using the deck based on Lux which provides Barrier and other buff effects to your allies to set up a strong finishing blow.

As far as sounds and graphics is concerned, it all brings you the same feels of LOL minus the flashy skills of champions. You can hear the classic voice of every champion that you use in the match and the card designs are all superb.

So far the game offers a lot of things to do other than VS A.I battle. You can do some Challenge match wherein you will be facing different champions that you might not acquired yet. Expedition match on the hand allows you to build a deck from a selection of cards to try and test with.

And of course, when you think you can handle it all well, you can start climbing to the pinnacle of card fighters on Rank Matches.

All in all, Legends of Runeterra can be a potential contender against CCG champs like Hearthstone if Riot can sustain and added interesting content that complements the already promising game. Since LOL: Wild Rift is still under development, Runeterra is the perfect solution for everybody who wants to experience LOL action on mobile platforms.