Legends of Runeterra OPEN BETA TEST on January 24!

Have you pre-registered before? Were you in the Closed Beta as well? If yes, you can access open beta testing one day earlier (January 23). Once OBT launches, everyone will be starting a new set of cards, and you will be starting a new one but there will no more resets, so everything that you purchase within OBT will be yours during the final release.

Also, there will be ranked matchmaking where you will be climbing from Iron to Masters (like League of Legends) but unlike in League of Legends' ranking system every season, you will never get to drop below what you have reached during that season. You can also add your friends from League of Legends, chat with them in-game and you can challenge them as well! Just one click and you are good to go!

You can customize your board as well by purchasing packs (cosmetics). There will be 5 types of game boards that will allow you to change your playmat and even the background music to one of the regions in the game. There are also additional pets (default pets: Poro: the Snapper, mini T-hex, and Gromp Jr.) that are coming the way that you can choose from!

Also, know that Riot Games are preparing a lot of new expansions (new cards, new champions, new regions) that will shake things up the meta so players will get to prepare for new mechanics as well!

A mobile version will launch later this year and once it's out, it will be compatible with the PC version and you can share progress for both platforms as they are making it's on the go! This OBT will have heaps of additional features to it, so, we cannot wait!