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Jul 7, 2019
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Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this game free to download?

A: Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory is a free-to-play game. You can download the game for free. (Some advanced game props can be purchased with real money, like Diamonds.)

Q: How can I login this game?
A: Recommend use Facebooklog in directly. Or you could use email to register, when you do that you need receive a verify code in your email inbox. If no there, you might need check the trash box.

Q: If I log in as a guest, will my game data be saved?
A: If you delete APP, then your guest data will be lost. We strongly recommend to bind your account with email. or you can connect your guest acc to facebook.

Q: How do I connect my account with Facebook?
A: First, you need make sure turn on “Apps that can appear on top” , some other phones called this "floating window", you could find it in
Setting --> APP manage --> Castle Glory: Dragon Kingkom --> “Apps that can appear on top”/ "floating window"
Tap the blue floating USER ICON --> User --> Email --> your email address --> Verification Code --> Password --> Connect
Tap the blue floating USER ICON --> User --> Facebook --> enter your Facebook and Password

Q: How do I change/find back my password if I forget it? /How can I change my old password?
A: Tap “Forgot Password” in the login interface --> enter your email address --> Submit --> enter Verification Code --> enter your new Password --> Submit

Q: How to switch my account?
A: Tap the avatar icon in the top left corner --> Settings --> Switch Account

Q: How do I contact Customer Service?
A: Strongly suggest contact our Facebook messenger: m.me/legionofacegame;
Or Tap avatar in game- setting- contact us.
This is the right email: [email protected]

Q: How can I change my character name?
A: Tap the avatar in the top left corner --> tap the writing icon on the right of your name --> enter your new name --> Confirm

Q: How can I be the VIP in game? How can I get the VIP perks?
A: Tap the VIP icon in the top left corner --> "Top-up Benefits" --> recharge certain ammount --> get Dias to upgrade VIP level

Q: How can I recharge in game?
A: You can recharge by Paypal or Google Play/Apple Pay.

Q: What should I do if my purchase didn’t go through?
A: If that happens. Please contact our custom service on Facebook and send us your game ID as well as the screenshot of your payment receipt from your Google pay/Apple pay/Paypal.

Q: I didn't get the Diamonds/Packs that I recharged, why is that?
A: It may due to Network Delay or system error. Please wait a few moment. If you still not received within 20 mins, then contact our custom service on Facebook, and pls note send us your game ID and screenshot of your payment receipt from your Google pay/Apple pay/Paypal. Customer service time : Monday to Saturday, 8:30-21:30, UTC+8.

Q: How to get free Diamonds/props?
A: Like & Share our official Facebook page/ Join in our Facebook events/ Join in Guild/ Red Pack/etc...

Q: How do I join a Guild?
A: Tap "Guild" in the bottom --> choose a Guild --> Join now

Q: How to get friendship binding rewards?
A: Tap "Events" in the top right corner --> Recruit Friends --> Share

FAQs For Pre-registration

Q: When the Pre-registration begin and end?
A: It is planed to starts from Aug.26th to Sep.9th.

Q: How to pre-register?
  1. [iOS / Android] search Legion Of Ace: Chaos Territory
  2. Remember to click to get notified to pre-register and install when available.

  3. Then save the screenshot of it.
  4. Our game will online on Sep 9th. Creat a character and provide your Server, ID and this screenshot to Facebook messenger. We will reply a code for it ASAP.

Q: What will I get if I register?
  1. Pre-Register Rewards: 1000 Diamonds + 10x Draw Divine Stone + RSS pack.These gifts will make you build your castle quickly and guarantee to gain a 4-5 stars squad. You won't miss it!
  2. Global Launch Gift Code (e32hhd): 500 Diamonds + Advanced RSS Pack
  3. Pre-Registration Milestones Gifts: Diamonds + Crystals. We will send it via Facebook Post, please keep an eye on it.
  4. 7-Day Login Reward: SSR Dragon Knight

Q: How I can get the rewards?
Contact us via Facebook messenger. Creat a character and provide your Server, ID and the screenshot of pre-registeration. We will verify it and send the code via Messenger.

Q: When will the reward be issued?
After publishing the game and you provide the relevant information.

FAQs for Dungeon

Hi, lords. We received many player feedback, asking how the complete the Dungeons. Here are some tips that new ones must to see.

Q: How to complete the Hidden Task?
A: Wandering in this floor, you can see a “Magic Stone” on the ground, collect it

A: How to complete a task with a bar and a dot jumping?

Q: Click the screen when the moving point coincides with the illuminated point.

Q: How to finish this quest?
A: Drag this badge to the Bease left shoulder.

Q: How to finish the hidden task on the 10th floor?
A: Click to open the map, you can see a Portal in the center, beat the doorkeeper then go to another place through the Portal. And then you can find a shinny stone, pick it up, and beat the Black Dragon. Then you can finish the hidden task.

Q: Why I can't beat the Boss in Dungeon? System prompts "Please don't skip floors".
A: If you have left the Guild and join in other Guild with lower level. You don’t share the Guild Boss's Kill. You need to kill all the Bosses in the former Floors then you can go on.
If all the Guild Bosses were killed by yourself, the process of your own Dungeon won't be affected.

Q. How can I fight the GUILD BOSS?
It means that you and your guild members can kill this Boss together. You and your guild members can battle with it and try to lower the Boss's HP until it dies.

Q: Why does the system not let me continue, saying that I need to complete the previous task

Use the Teleport to check if you have quest need to be completed. Finish it and you can go on.

Any questions about the Dungeon, please comment below.