Legions: Battle Of The Immortals


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Aug 7, 2018
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Welcome To Legion : Battle Of The Immortal Champions. Now we introduce you the Trailer of game play and dont forget to join our Pre-Register Comming Soon !! Keep Stay Tuned!

Your king will give you information about the first main character of Legions: Battle of the Immortals "DRAGON WARRIOR", with great honor and the best defense, you can smash every enemy easily. DRAGON WARRIOR is a highly respected general with great honor and always stand in the front of battlefield to lead his army!

Enhance your Legion's power to get more Gold, Exp and Honor! Declare wars to other Legions to enrich and increase your Legion's Honor!

Heros and Classes

Shadow Assasin, The ruler in forest, i don't show mercy, i can easily kill you 1 by 1 with my hand. Let's go join with me and become to SHADOW ASSASIN.

WIND ARCHER born from the wind and always stand behind you to protect our Nation !! no one escape from my markmanship. No matter what you gonna die quietly

Arc Wizard - The Rules of Fire & Ice, the one who can create fire and ice easily. I can turn everything in to ash or make you frozen forever.

Adorable Wing Feature, Collect the fashionable beautiful wing and get the more power from wing feature, you can reach the highest rank and stand in Hall Of Fame your Kingdoms!

Game Features

Mount System, Upgrade your mount and get the Skill Steed for support you on battlefield, Stand with your KING and become to commander for your nation !!

PVP, Win the PVP Battle, Become to ranking 1 PVP in your server and stand with your legion on Hall Of Fame your Nation !

Pets, Collect all pet and get the more power, becareful not all pet tame with human you must upgrade status your character!

Artifacts, Look and find hidden artifacts to get a skill that will help you defend your nation and enhance the level to unlock the complete skill!