LEGO 2K Drive Official Release Announcement

With LEGO 2K Drive, LEGO and 2K have formally announced the launch of their multi-title relationship. On May 19, the game will be offered in three different editions, two of which will come with a 3-in-1 Aquadirt Racer bonus with purchase. The prices for the Standard Edition are $59.99 (prior generation)/$69.99 (current generation), Awesome Edition is $99.99, and Awesome Rivals Edition is $119.99.


The Unreal Engine-based original environment of LEGO 2K Drive will be the game's primary focus right away. Silva mentioned that it will take players an average of 15 hours to complete the primary single-player story mode.

It was mentioned in the same interview that LEGO 2K Drive will support both in-game and real-world currency exchange.


The LEGO Group has announced that on May 19, 2023, the entire world will be able to play LEGO® 2K Drive, the ultimate AAA driving adventure game. With a huge, open universe where players can build any vehicle, drive anywhere, and establish themselves as a LEGO racing legend, the Visual Concepts-developed LEGO 2K Drive updates the iconic LEGO play experience.


The first product in a series of AAA LEGO games being developed by 2K and the LEGO Group will be called LEGO 2K Drive. With the LEGO Group's unparalleled cultural influence and 2K's demonstrated competence in developing high quality and engaging interactive entertainment products, the partnership will develop the renowned LEGO games experience that fans know and love in exciting new ways.


For the first time, a LEGO driving game will provide AAA quality, a rich gameplay experience, and amazing visuals thanks to a top-notch team at Visual Concepts with extensive experience in the genre. Open-world driving and competitive racing will be combined with the best aspects of LEGO 2K Drive, which will also have a robust system for vehicle customization.


On May 19, 2023, LEGO 2K Drive Standard Edition will be made accessible to everyone via Steam and the Epic Games Store for the PlayStation®5 (PS5TM), PlayStation®4 (PS4TM), Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo SwitchTM, and PC. From May 16, 2023, Awesome Edition and Awesome Rivals Edition will be accessible digitally. Awesome Edition (Physical) will also be available for PlayStation®5 (PS5TM), PlayStation®4 (PS4TM), Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo SwitchTM from May 16, 2023, while supplies last at specific retailers in specific territories.

Pre-orders have started across all platforms, and those who do so before the game launches will get the Aquadirt Racer Pack (Digital).