LEGO-Compatible Customizable Keyboard: Melgeek Pixel

With the exception of the PCB, switches, and other necessary components, of course, the Melgeek Pixel is a gasket-mount tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical keyboard that blends the best of both worlds. The Pixel wireless keyboard comes in three base colors: "Palette" (white base with red, blue, and yellow keycaps), "Christian" (pale pink base with pink and gray keycaps), or "Canvas." It has low-latency 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 5.2 connection (white base with white keycaps and colorful legends).


For the Super Early Bird Price of $199, the Early Bird Price of $219, and the Kickstarter Special Price of $239, the Pixel is now on Kickstarter. The $269 list price is the official MSRP. For between $10 and $30, you can also buy extra cables, keycaps, switches, and Lego brick packs as accessories.

With its shell made out of Lego-like components, the Melgeek Pixel is a tenkeyless (TKL) gasket-mount mechanical keyboard that is unlike any other keyboard on the market. It comes in three shades: pink with pink and gray keycaps, white with white keycaps, and white with red, yellow, and blue keycaps (with colorful legends). The latter, dubbed "Canvas," was the review approach we used.


The Pixel offers a sizable canvas on which you may create whatever Lego design you choose because it was designed with inspiration from the well-known toy business.

LEGO has not granted a formal license for the Melgeek Pixel, and any bricks included in the kit are fake. Preorders for the Pixel are currently only $219 on Kickstarter, with the final price increasing to $269.

The Pixel lacks a set of number pad keys since it has a tenkeyless (TKL) design. The enclosure is almost entirely studded, allowing you to attach mini-figures or blocks almost everywhere. Because of this, it is also wholly plastic, which may provide a tiny flex and an overall impression of cheapness. For instance, the studded plastic foundation is unlikely to see much construction activity, thus it would have made sense to fortify this area with a metal basis.


If you want to use the Melgeek Pixel with various devices, the connectivity choices are really varied, which is wonderful.

USB-C is the simplest. To begin typing, just connect your device to the USB cord that has been LEGO-ified and brightly colored. Instead of a completely custom USB-C cable with studs on it, they could have included a generic, bland USB-C cable. You can expect to pay more for that since it appears this is only included in the VIP package and not the other early bird rewards, according to the Kickstarter.


You have two choices if you'd prefer utilize the keyboard wirelessly as an alternative. It comes with a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle that you may connect to your computer's full-size USB-A connection. Although it comes in the accessory package separately, there is space for the dongle to go into the right side of the casing behind these clear flat components (you can just make out a dark patch there on the photo below).