Lenovo confirms Legion Go 2 is in the works

During the Lenovo Innovate 2024 that was held in Bangkok, Thailand, the event’s discussion was mainly focused towards the laptop market. However, the attendees were also given the chance to ask about what future plans the company has for the Lenovo Legion series and other markets. Included in the topics discussed was about a potential updated version of the Legion Go handheld.

lenovo legion go 2.png

For those who are unfamiliar with the device, Legion Go is a premium handheld device that features detachable controllers and an 8.8-inch screen that has a 2.5k resolution. It was released after only several months since its competitor ROG Ally appeared in the market.

Since gamers wanted to know when Lenovo plans to release the next Go handheld, Clifford Chong, the APAC Gaming Category Manager of Lenovo has confirmed that there is indeed a plan of a Legion Go 2 and it is currently in development.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 001114.png

Unfortunately, Clifford has not disclosed the successor’s specifications or release date. For that, let’s stay tuned for the meantime as it seems it might be a while when we will get another news about the upcoming device.