Lesley Advanced Guide


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Apr 22, 2019
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Lesley Maybe Not A Viable Pick Already Or Out Of Meta,She's Still the Most Hottest MM for me.She Dominated The Past Meta Along With The Assassins.If You've Already heard About Her Exploits,Be Ready Again!(please refer to AdminLegendBeast Lesley Guide for detailed Skill description)

★NoOneTouchesMyGusion(Passive):EveryTime Lesley Uses Basic Attack will grant her 5 energy bullet.If she dont Take dmg within 5sec mark,her Crit chance increase by 40%next basic attack will deal higher DMG(×1.3)Fixed Penetration point will be converted to Crit Chance but The penetration is not Affected.
~So If you Observe,Her energy plus deadly passive makes her a qualified Assassin Also.Her passive is so good even in early games she can still kick some ass.

★DontTouchMeGusion(Skill1)Lesley Enters Into Camouflaged State,increasing Her movement Speed by 30% also some additional DMG(50).She is detectable by Distortions of surroundings
~So,Ayun,Lesley Ay nagtatampo Kay Gusion.This Is her mobility Skill.With Out this,she's not qualified as assassin also

Lesley Throws Out A Grenade That Knocks Up enemy Away From Her and deals little DMG,Also she jumps back a bit.

~Lagot Ka gusion,Selos Is Real.
This Is Lesley's skill to secure A Distance Between her and Enemy.This can be used Also to pass through thin walls.

Lesley Gains The Ability to See All movement of Fuckboys I Mean enemies in a wide area and locks to a Hero(LowestHP)and starts Shooting Plates...I mean Big Bullets That deal 200(+85%Atk)+5 of enemies missing HP.Bullets can be blocked by enemies

~So Ayun,Lesley Found Out Gusion's Womanizer Exploits And Punishes Him(Sorry for the puns,cant help it).This Skill is For Kill Securing Enemies Who Are Fleeing With LoWHP especially if the distance of enemy is too far.This Skill is Can Also be used To Scout Bushes.

#1MaleficRoar-U might be shocked why its not berserker's Fury...But Lesley's Passive will Convert Any Fix Penetration Into Critical,so bale 40% crit kc 40% ung pen ng Malefic Roar which is Better Than BF ksi Hindi rin Affected Ung Penetration.

#2RapidBoots/WizardBoots-Maganda Ang Rapid For Quick Rotation And Responding.Pick Wizard Boots Kung Ndi Ka Makakill or Puro Assisst lng.Kill share kumbaga.

#3ScarletPhantom-Eto na.this will increase ur Crit chance plus Increase AS(AtkSpeds) each time magdeal k ng Critical.

#4EndlessBattle-Additional true DMG will hurt Enemies More.plus Each time You trigger Endless Battle increase ur movement spedd By 10%

#5Berserker'sFury-Additional Crit Chance,Pag Nabuo Mo to,Kayang Kaya muna Mag 2-3 shots Mga kalaban actually ksi may additional AP increase eacg time you deal crit

#6BladeOfDespair-Pag Eto nabuo mo kaya mo na mag deal 2.5k(roundedUp)every second using basic attack.Also ung passive neto n additional increase dmg pag low hp kalaban/enemy will amplify Your Ultimate.

Upon Spawning,Buy "Hunter's Knife".After Buying boots,Upgrade The hunters knife into Raptor Machete.Why??Because Raptor machete Gives you +30Physical attack and 15% physical pentration which will be converted by lesley's passive into 15% crit.A fully stacked Raptor will give you+60Physical Attack.So pag nabuild mo to,along with Boots and Malefic Roar You Have a total of
+150Physical Attack(FullyStackedRaptor)

...which is good Enough.You Can Dominate Already at early Gamea.Let Raptor Machete Stays until You Are Going To Build BladeOfDespair.Sell raptor machete For Blade of Despair.Easy as Pie,wasn't it??
,You Can Change Scarlet Into DeadlyBlade,But you Must Switch Slot of BF and Deadly blade.

I Suggest Retribution Since This Is An Advance Guide.I will explain Later why Retribution.
*You Can pick flicker or sprint if there are Priority Heroes like saber*

→I suggest this kc may additional dmg increase Pag bumubuo k ng Attack Items.
Spend Ur Talent Points On Critical And Crit.DMG
→→This is Most Preferrable kung ikaw ang Carry Hero.Easy To build Items kung kill k ng kill kasi may bonus +100 gold each kill.
SpendUrTalents on Attack and Penetration.

2 Priotity Assassins/Heroes
2 Stunners
-She is More Sexy If The Enemy Line Up Consist Of:
Belerick:Belerick Is definitely Weak Against Burst Heroes Like Lesley.
Hanzo:Lesley can easily Kill his phantom And Locate Its Body Using Ult.She Can Chase Him With RapidBoots.hahaha
~She Is Good When Enemies Lack Of CC skills.
~She Is A a Good Choice If You Have 2 tanks.
~She is a Good choice If You Have 2 CC Fighters.(ex.Martis and Leo)

☆DirectCounterItems for Her★
You Should Be Wary of Enemies
With This Items:
~TwilightArmor:Recounter With Changing Scarlet Into Demon Hunter
~DominanceIce:Nothing Much To Worry But Avoid Being Caught With Dominance Ice
~WindOfNature:Recounter it With True DMG instead or Run and Return Since WindOfNature has 2 sec Effectivity
~WinterTruncheon:Avoid Using Ult with Mages Who have this item
Gusion:Avoid SwordSpike
Harley:Always be Aware.Hide until harley Appear First and uses his Ult.Thats the Time To Assault
Hayabusa:Avoid Facing 1v1 with Him
Selena:Always Scout Bushes With Ult

-Be lowkey for the few first minute.Farm Clear Farm Clear.After Clearing First Wave,go to the crab quickly.Enemies will raid theri Green buff abd its your opportunity to Get it.Use ur retri Immediately to reduce time killing it.go back to your lane.clear then green buff then clear.start pushing since you have atleast some dmg.Always try to attack in distance.Use Ulti to scout the bushes.Also,if you have assassin dont get the buff since its not supposed to be yours.the only usage of retri is for crab raiding.Better give buff to mage or assassin.Try to secretly attack the turtle witg fighter or assassin.Use retri on it or give it to ur ally.your call.Always prioritize killing minion or last hitting minion to earn gold faster and dominate the game quickly.Also when picking i dont suggest lesley when enemies have 2 assassin.Always try to be in backline or attack from bushes for maximum safety.Dont chase any gwen or chou just use ur ulti since this two excel in "desperate killing" they can overturn the situation.She Can Kill enemy withi in 2-3 shot but you can do the 1shot kill with some requirements.

Full blade of despair plus High n dry Triggered passive.use first skill then basic attack