Lesley’s Stellaris Ghost skin has received a revamping!

One of Lesley‘s best skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be making its comeback and it’s been upgraded!

mlbb lesley.jpg

The iconic skin of Lesley made its debut back in 2018 for a limited-time and it was her only Epic skin in the game. Now, a sneak peek of the revamped Stellaris Ghost Lesley skin was released by Moonton. Through the sneak peek, it showcased a fresh character model and lots of captivating skill animation effects with an all-new idle animation.

In the revamped version, Lesley’s distinctive white armor and signature orange glasses will retain but is now enhanced with visual effects. Her sniper rifle has also received the same treatment and now has a different aura that surrounds it. Some subtle changes with her skin have also been made which has proven to be an impactful adjustment to her overall aesthetic.

From the previous predominantly white design of her skin, the revamped Stellaris Ghost skin now has black and orange designs. Her skills have also retained their forms but are now adorned with visual enhancements.

But her Ultimate Snipe really takes the center stage as it was given a substantial visual overhaul. Once Lesley locks her eyes on the enemy hero, her sniper rifle draws in a tremendous surge of energy from all directions, which is a sight to behold.

Excited Lesley users or players of the game can avail for the revamped Stellaris Ghost Lesley on August 10.