Let the Dates Begin! Date a Live Spirit Pledge First Impressions

Just when I thought I had enough gacha games, they keep making one, or at least localizing one. I know this might not be my last (and I am moving some of my games in the PC for efficiency) but let's check out another game that will please both who loves sidescrolling action games and dating simulation games, because Date A Live: Spirit Pledge is up!

Date a Live Spirit a.jpg

Spirit Pledge just launched earlier this 10 AM in the Philippines and it seems my earlier time estimate was incorrect, still when it was officially up various gacha enthusiast went on and played the game, I played earlier to test and see the game is enjoyable and here are the things that I noticed in the game.

Date a Live Spirit b.png

Since I pre-downloaded the game already when it was announced last week so all I need to do was play it. It started with a short story regarding spirits and what they do. Information like this is vital to understand the story. Then, you'd be thrust toward a tutorial that will span on how the game works.

You'll probably reach level 8-10 when the tutorials done. The gameplay loop is pretty easy to follow. Play the story mode to advance in the story, daily nodes are also there to help you progress and level your spirits that includes EXP, materials and sephiras for your spirits.

Finally, event nodes for special events which may come soon. Well, that covers the action part, the dating sim part comes from the "Date" option.

Date a Live Spirit c.jpg

Dating, lore-wise is the key to seal the spirits to avoid them wreaking havoc in the city, gameplay and player-wise, it's our fanservice! Dating them unlocks cute CGs that is definitely eye-catching and mesmerizing to look at. Once you unlock a Spirit, you have the chance to date them there. Once you click on the Date option, you will see a city where you can find your Spirits and date them.

From gifting gifts, feeding them food and just simply observing there's a lot of things to do. You can also do work so you can gain materials to craft gifts and cook food for your Spirits and Work increases your various stats such as Charisma, Carefulness, Luck, Dexterity, and Concentration.

This will help you in various thing such as crafting and cooking. Pretty much what you can see in a visual novel dating sim game, which I am familiar with, if I may add, great touch!

Date a Live Spirit d.jpg

How F2P-friendly is this game, very! From the first hours of my playthrough, I already had 30 summons which got me some characters, awesome Sephiras and EXP cards to advance in the game. You only need 10 Fate Badge (rolling material) to roll at the gacha. The current Rookie Summon has a sparking system to get an S-rank Spirit in the game in a matter of 60 pulls, you can buy more Fate Badges in the shop for 180 crystals which is fairly abundant in the game so that is interesting.

Besides, you can farm fragments of your favorite spirits in the story mode, so no need to roll that much. In conclusion, F2P-friendly but grind-heavy if you want to S your favorites.

Date a Live Spirit e.jpg

Levelling and maintaining your Spirit's fighting potential is key to become stronger in the game. Mentioned earlier are Sephiras, similar to Honkai Impact 3, Spirits have Sephiras which work as a way to increase your stats, gain additional buffs and effects to your Spirits, which is beneficial if you found a neat combo to your spirit's skill set.

There is also Angel Stats which help you upgrade their skills to the maximum potential. Crystals that increase the raw power of your spirits and finally, EXP cards to level your Spirits.

Date a Live Spirit f.jpg

Pre-register rewards are also given out to those who pre-registered, I have no information yet for those who did not join the pre-registration campaign so we'll leave it at that. This launch week also has 7-day login to get Mana Takamiya in the 3rd day and Kotori Itsuka for the final day so don't forget to log in and get the rewards.

The game is great but there are certain flaws that needs to be addressed by the developers as the official launch also is the Open Beta Test for the game. There are bugs and glitches that other players notice and need to be addressed in order to gain goodwill from the players. The text can be glitchy at times too so it can get confusing especially for those who love to read the text.

Finally, it has a lot of monetization schemes that can get very confusing, as an avid F2P to Dolphin type of gacha player, it can be tiring to see a lot of it. They should take it easy on that stuff, let it be natural so people can be accustomed to the game and support the developers, oh well, that is my opinion anyway.

Date a Live Spirit g.jpg

So to sum it up, the game is very fun and simple to handle if you have been accustomed to these types of games, entering it first time can be daunting but if you love the waifus or you're familiar with the IP, it is satisfying to see them in action. The dating sim aspect is well-made and I am definitely enjoying it.

Date a Live Spirit h.png

The community is pretty chill for a while but let's hope it stays that way. They just need to fix the bugs and glitches and take it easy on the monetization so that the players can gain goodwill and start supporting them by showering money. There is no PVP in the game, so it is not right to say that the game is P2W, especially with all the fragments you can get.

It's an enjoyable game so my suggestion, try it out and see it for yourself! Besides these are just my first impressions, so if you are curious, take a dive and play it! If you do, tell us your experiences in the comments section as well, let's have a conversation. Finally, let the dates begin!