Let Your Dream Come True and Meet Miss. Right in Onmyoji Arena! China’s Hit Series Breaking Curse on Hard Finding Your Other Half?

Meet THE ONE in Onmyoji Arena, Some on Instagram say that people can actually find love by playing e-sports. That can’t be true! I’ve been playing for ages but never caught a glimpse of love! Although I keep saying that romantic relationship does no good but only affect my performance in gaming but… everyone wants to find Miss. Right! I look through the trending topic and find a Chinese hit series named Falling into Your Smile is on the air, which is quite rare, since there are no such TV shows about e-sports in China before.

Falling Into Your Smile is such a sweet show and all those heart-touching made me smile unconsciously. The leading actor and actress meet each other in Onmyoji Arena and fight side by side. As professional e-sports players, they share the same goal, the same dream, fight hand in hand and go through all the failures and doubts from fans as well. The cute couple support each other on and off the field, reviewing and practicing, cheering each other up and fight for the honor together. They spend all the time together and gradually fall in love with each other.

The leading actress in the show is famous for her good mastering of TAMAMO NINE. Even with her cute and pure looking, she could also be so cool and sophisticated in the game! Now I am jealous, how could I never meet such a girl in Onmyoji Arena! Anyways, Onmyoji Arena is really a good game, despite the fact it is produced by Chinese team, its localization in Southeast Asia has been amazing! Lots of my friends are playing it and the game has been a must for our parties and gatherings. Ootengu, Ibaraki-douji, aoandon… all from Onmyoji! What a nice surprise!

The sophisticated images and splendid Japanese style settings are a huge attraction to the young generation, me included. More surprisingly, even the turrets in the gaming are designed in Japanese style, showcasing how dedicated and devoted the production team is! Vivid and lifelike maple leaves and cherry blossom, the flying umbrellas, gorgeous kimono and feather fans… and I see Shiranui gently waving her sleeves to me. Who can say no to that!

I also noted that the beautiful girl that I followed on Instagram has been sharing her performance on Onmyoji Arena. I’ve been having a secret crush on her for so long and this could be the chance! I might meet her in the game and play together, or maybe we could be friends and fight together in competitions. Wouldn’t that be great? To impress her with my outstanding skills, I have been practicing day and night, it would be such a piece of cake to get the Penta kill! Miss. Right, wait for me!

"Falling Into Your Smile" (IMDB 8.8/10) the hit TV show depicts a story about Tong Yao, a young girl who was picked by a pro-esport team due to her top ranking game techniques and help the team won the world series after six years of absence. The show gives a different aspect of the e-sports industry; how does a girl overcomes doubts and prejudices around her in a world that was mostly dominated by men and win both the championship and the respects from others.


Tong Yao (Staring Cheng Xiao,程潇)

The love story between and is also one of the eye-catching side of the TV show, we've heard many life stories of the pro players, their devotion, their dedication, but the show gives a new side of their lives, the sweet love and romance between them; like love from the first sight, every relationship begins with a opportunity, it all begins with a round of Onmyoji Arena, one of NetEase Games, they fight together, become better together and share the same dream together by playing, if love needs a catalyst, Onmyoji Arena must be the one which locked them closer.


Lu Si Cheng (Staring Xu Kai)

If you wish to find love with a fellow gamer or start a journey just like the characters in the TV show, why not pick up your phone and start the game, maybe, this is the beginning of something romantic.

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