Let's be Real: Mobile Legends vs League of Legends: Wild Rift

With the Alpha Test of Wild Rift coming soon and the game has been receiving hype as the alpha tester lay down their feedbacks and reviews for everyone to take a gander on. The competition in the Mobile MOBAs (yes, MOBA is not Mobile, it's Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is getting intense and intense, but hoenstly, it's time to drop the tea and talk to you about these two games. How does one fare with each other, what are the differences? Let's see what they have in store. As for reference, let's put in Assassin Dave's video about his own comparison.

Now before we begin, we need to check their origins, Mobile Legends was made by Moonton, a game company made in China while LOL: Wild Rift is made by Riot Games, which first made the PC counterpart of WR, League of Legends. While the other might not be a big company, Riot has expanded its reach from different games now including Valorant and their future projects announced in LOL's 10th anniversary. Here we can see what each company can do and scope out what's possible for them. Now to the comparisons. I have played both LOL PC and Mobile Legends so I believe I am qualified to give out my thoughts regarding the two. We're going to use LOL PC as a main reference for things that we have not seen in Wild Rift since basically those two are the same with a little difference.

Graphics and Cinematics

Dave is right here and no doubt that Wild Rift takes the cake from Mobile Legends. The graphics and the art of the WR looks so stylish and polished. The way that it is designed is clearly a cut above the rest. Having a dedicated art team really can take you to long places. For sure, we can commend Mobile Legends for their own style but if we are going to do a comparison, it's gonna be real talk. Cinematics also have proven that Wild Rift can carry its own because we can see in the PC counterpart that it has great design and animation that people have been wanting Riot to create a movie already. That is enough said, if you ask me.


One of the, if not most important aspect of the game is how you can play it. Having fun is one thing, but making sure that the game is fair and balanced is another. Let's begin with Mobile Legends, ML has a simplistic gameplay with 3 skills to use and a passive that you can rely on. Usually their mechanics are quick to use and understandable that it can be easy to pick up. Items can be bought in a fly and it will directly impact your game ASAP. Finally, you don't need to last hit the minion in order to get the gold. Some players will think of it as great to quicken the pace, but others will wonder if it is really beneficial at all.

Compared to League of Legends: Wild Rift. WR has 4 skills and a passive that you can use. Adding another one may encumber a player in how they move but it also brings additional impact to the game as more skills means more chances of doing something in a teamfight. Snowballing (or the term which you can use to describe a moment where your growth in a game increased rapidly causing you to win the game faster)can also be stumped as Wild Rift plans to make the shop only usable in base and last hitting matters! That means, you must make sure that you kill the minion with a final blow before you could gain money. Now others would see it as a con, but it is definitely a pro to avoid unnecessary growth spike and make the game more intensified.

As the way that I can see it, this just falls down to two categories, casual gaming and competitive one. ML offers casual gaming as it can have simplistic mechanics and quick abilities that are easy to understand however if you want your game at the edge of your seat and has more gameplay things to offer that can twist and make the game more intensified, Wild Rift is the way to go.


Oh damn, here we go to the juicier parts. We will talk about balance. Unlike the earlier statements, I won't mince words here as I have come to play both games and honestly, I am just excited to have Wild Rift in the mobile. Mobile Legends first and foremost have skins that have attack boosts which even if it is by a miniscule +8 attack or other stats, put the default skin users in the disadvantage. Wild Rift skins won't have additional stats because back in LOL PC they did not do it.

Another thing to mention is that the Emblem System in Mobile Legends can truly hinder a player's growth to their favorite roles. If you get matched up with someone having a Level 20+ Emblem, meanwhile you have, let's say Level 6, then you would definitely have a disadvantage on that match-up because your overall stats including the ones from a skin and emblems is definitely higher than the base stats.

Finally, I have been hearing concerns about the balance patches in Mobile Legends, some people have pointed out that the team never tests out the heroes together with the nerfs and buffs that they are implementing for each hero and just listens to the people. Now, I might need more sources to say this but running checks and looking at statistics is the best way to implement balance in each unit. And while, LOL PC has their own shortcomings at least they did check their stats according to the pick and win rate of each champion therefore, again putting their spot much higher than Mobile Legends.

It ain't rocket science to tell them to get better as the competition for the attention of MOBA players in the mobile gaming industry will just get fiercer so Moonton definitely needs to step up their game.

Content and Esports

For content, I'd say that both has their own credits. Guides and content creators are abound each platform. But it would be a crime to say that the LOL PC YouTube spotlight is not much higher than ML's. If you want proof, I'll just drop one of my favorite content creators, Necrit for League of Legends news and lore highlights and Instalok, here are examples of their videos.

Their content creation is above the rest and I expect much in Wild Rift as well. But I cannot discount the guide creators and content creators that helped me understand heroes in ML and how they operate like Hororo-chan and BluePanda so there's something at least. But for me, Wild Rift is waiting to be covered by the top youtubers of LOL Community, that I can't wait to see what they have in store.

While in Esports, Mobile Legends have a tight grasp of the Asian market, you can see various competitors from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and a lot more. Their games are usually intense and while the prize pool is not much, it is still something to behold. Wild Rift on the other hand, has already been eyed by various teams that participate in the LOL PC to try and test the market when the game launches, expect a competition to be a fierce one when they join the game. Also, with Wild Rift being introduced to other people that can't play PC, it might bring fresh faces in other countries as well to rise above the odds, maybe you can be one of them. Finally, in terms of their tournaments, there's nothing to be said about LOL's, they release music when Worlds is close, they have side show with music and celebrity, it's a celebration of the game. It's hard to not be called as biased here but clearly LOL takes the cake and I bet they'll do the same for WR when it releases and has its first Worlds.


With a promising game, strong community all over the globe, bigger communications from their player base and a F2P system that has never failed for years. Riot has a future in the mobile games industry in terms of having a MOBA game in there and I cbelieve. We can give credit to Moonton for establishing the first mobile version that stood against its competitors but their lack of care in balance and unhealthy emblem and skin boosts are going to cost them the game if they do not change their style. For sure, Wild Rift will have bumps and errors along the way but remember that the game is still in alpha testing and therefore needs the help of their testers in order to ensure that the game they will be releasing in the future is stellar as it can be. Competition is brewing and this will be good for Mobile Legends as well to test themselves in the midst of a rival in the industry.