Let's chill for the summer, Pinoy gamers! ROO Summer Festival has arrived

Summer is still in full swing, Pinoy gamers! Ragnarok Origin, a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Gravity, a renowned South Korean video game developer. The game is gearing up to unveil a highly anticipated update, bringing the exhilarating summer experience to the forefront at the ROO Summer Festival.


With the official release of Ragnarok Origin making waves in the gaming world, get ready to immerse yourself in a realm of enchantment, adventure, and boundless excitement. It's time for the Alchemists to step into the spotlight, transcending their limits and embarking on a journey filled with alchemical wonders!

The Update focuses on 5 main areas:

1. Unrivaled Mastery Attains the Peak

In bygone times, the Alchemist, renowned as the "Prophet," enchanted royal courts with their mystical divinations. But as the tides of change swept across the land, a new title was bestowed upon them.

Watch in awe as the Merchant's hammer yields to the Alchemist's almighty touch again. Masters of innovation and creation, they harness the very essence of alchemy. Refined potions, infused with arcane secrets, unleash a weightless power that surpasses the limits of imagination. . Behold their wondrous healing effects that will leave you breathless!

Witness the bond between Alchemists and their mystical companion creatures. United as one, they forge an unbreakable alliance, transforming into an unstoppable force, weaving through battles with unparalleled might.

The Alchemist's true potential emerges as they transcend into the magnificent Biochemist. Embrace the astonishing artistry of the Biochemist, whose craftsmanship knows no bounds. From the mundane to the mythical, these masters possess the ability to craft anything their imagination can fathom. Prepare to be awestruck as the alchemical arts reach new heights!

2. Alchemist Benefits Event

Event Period: From July 19th, 05:00, to August 19th, 04:59, immerse yourself in the captivating Alchemist benefits Event.

Requirements: Lv.70 or higher on the current server, Base Lv.25 or higher for adventurers.

During the event, Alchemists will enjoy double the experience rewards when participating in commissions. As you progress through the ranks of the new profession: the Alchemist, exclusive rewards await you at each milestone. Those who aid the Alchemist profession in combat will be granted rewards through the coveted Synergy Certificate. Moreover, changing to the new class: the Alchemist, comes with an additional boost in experience and rewards.

3: Cross-server Guild Expedition

The finest guilds from different servers will compete against each other in the Cross-server Guild Expedition. Prepare for a realm of transcendent dimensions and thrilling adventures!

Only the Top 32 Guilds will be eligible to reach the realm of Cross-Server, where the space-time anomalies and guild expeditions await. For adventurers with the privilege of participating in the Cross-Server battles, the space-time anomalies and guild expeditions will be exclusively open for them. No longer bound by their home servers, they will vie for glory on a grander stage.

Prepare to venture into the Cross-Server Guild Expedition and confront an array of formidable new foes. Face the Phreeoni Puppet, the Moonlight Flower Puppet, the Drake Puppet, the Baphomet Puppet, and the Doppelganger Puppet. These new challenges await, daring you to conquer them with unwavering courage!

By partaking in the Cross-Server Guild Expeditions, adventurers will unlock greater rewards. So, strive for excellence and secure your guild's qualification for the coveted Cross-Server battles!

The Cross-server Guild Expedition features a total of 10 puppet maps, including new puppet such as the Angeling Puppet, the Golden Thief Bug Puppet, the Deviling Puppet, the Goblin Chief Puppet, and the Eddga Puppet.


4: Emoji Machine

Prepare for an exciting lucky draw with the Emoji Machine! During the event, spend designated lottery coins for a chance to win incredible prizes. The rewards will be distributed based on the three symbols displayed during the draw.

Exchange Shop: Each time a player take a chance with the lucky draw, the player will be rewarded with corresponding points. Players can use the points obtained from the draw to unlock a wide array of rewards in the Exhange Shop.

Progress Reward: With each draw, the player’s progress accumulates, bringing the player closer to unlocking the coveted cumulative rewards.

Part 5: Additional Content

Introducing the new Smeldon Cogwheel and a collection of captivating new costumes. Don’t miss out on these incredible additions by joining our official Discord and Facebook communities, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the game.

Overall, Ragnarok Origin's latest update delivers thrilling new gameplay and content. Embark on an extraordinary journey filled with captivating quests, exhilarating battles, and unforgettable moments. Ragnarok Origin beckons you to immerse yourself in a world of magic and adventure like never before.

For detailed game guides and exclusive updates, eager Pinoy players are encouraged to stay tuned to the official Ragnarok Origin website. Stay connected and join the vibrant discussions by following us on Facebook and joining our Discord community.


Download Ragnarok Origin now and embark on an unforgettable journey, where camaraderie and thrilling adventures await!

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