Let's Get Ready For A Brawl: Ubisoft's Fighting Game Brawlhalla To Be Launched on August 6

Ubisoft has finally set the date for the official release of their newest title for the mobile platform that surely brings a fun dose of action akin to the vibes of classic games like Super Smash Bro. and Power Stone. Enter Brawlhalla; a 2D platform fighting game that oozes with charm and good old beat 'em up style. And take note: it's entirely free-to-play!


Launched on PC last 2017 and followed by 2018 version for Nintendo Switch, Brawlhalla is now getting a mobile version soon as its developer, Blue Mammoth Games, tries to expand the games wacky but action-packed themes. It features more than 50 characters that will duke it out in all-out brawl where the main goal of winning to knock your opponents outside the arena.

Brawlhalla a.png

Control-wise, the game is super easy to pick up with all the skills and powers can be unleashed with one single button. Of course, since its a platform, players can also run, jump, and even dodge in the arena while also trying to acquire weapon and equipment drops during the battle which make it more interesting since weapons in the game are numerous and deals different damage from the melee Katars to explosive Blaster if you want to turn the brawl into a shoot 'em up. Each weapon also provides unique skills and moveset to any players who get them.

Brawlhalla b.png

To add more challenge in using each character, every one of them will have varying stats with some are good in Defense while others are adept in Attack and Speed. The good news though is that you can modify these stats accordingly in the game.

Brawlhalla c.png

Game modes in Brawlhalla are divided into one on one duel (1v1) that are further categorized in 1v1 Strikeout and 1v1 Experimental. A free-for-all battle mode will pit four players and see who can gain the most points via knocking anyone on their way. There is also a custom game mode where you can invite up to 8 players to join the brawl. Every week, a new featured mode is available for players to try if they want something new from the usual. Brawlhalla also has its own ranking system for individual players as well as for Clans where the more you win each match, the more you can climb the ranks faster.

Brawhalla also supports cross-platform gameplay which means you can bring your save game from PC or in Switch once the mobile version goes live. Expect also countless crossovers in the game such as Ben 10, WWE wrestlers, and even the gang from Adventure Time.

You can now pre-register for Brawlhalla before it officially becomes available at Apple Store and Google Play.