Let's make Social LINKS! - My Introduction

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Oct 31, 2017
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What's up guys! The name's TheRealD but I can go with Izanagi, Atomos and other more nicknames. But now I am going to name this together with the YouTube channel I am planning to build. Atomos is one of my nicknames I've stuck within these years and Izanagi is my cosplay screen name. :D

I play League of Legends, CS:GO, Command and Conquer: Generals, Paladins, Civilization V and more! As you can see I play various of games. Currently, I am addicted to Doki Doki Literature Club and of course PERSONA!!! hahaha. But if you have suggestions that you think I would enjoy bring it on!

As for platforms... PC MASTER RACE!! jk, I usually play on PC, my only console here is my ol' GameCube. But who knows when I graduate right?

It's nice to meet you all, and let's make SOCIAL LINKS!