Level Infinite publishes the Honor of Kings Cloud version to let players enjoy the game without the heavy in-game files

Level Infinite releases the cloud version of their popular MOBA, Honor of Kings, in Brazil. The game is currently available for Android devices only and with the slogan “30 MB and nothing more“, players can now play the game without needing to download additional 4 GB of in-game files and resources as it is kept in the cloud server. Players can now just install the app and play it as it is.

honor of kings.png

However, as the game files are placed in a cloud server, players will need a stable internet connection to play the game. Note that ping and lag issues can still be experienced as there is only a Brazil server for the game.

As the game is only available in the Brazil region and players residing there can just download the game’s cloud version via Google Play Store, interested players outside of Brazil can not play the game. Don’t fret though since there’s a way of how players residing outside of Brazil can play the game. Just follow the steps below so you can finally enjoy Honor of Kings.

honor of kings.jpg
  1. To get the game, you will require a Brazilian Google Account.
  2. To get one, you can use any VPN of your choice.
  3. Install the VPN and set the location to Brazil.
  4. Head over to the Play Store to create a new account. Skip the step that asks you if you want to add a mobile number.
  5. Agree to the TnCs.
  6. Once your new account is ready, go to the game’s Google Play Page.
  7. Download the game and install it.
  8. Keep your VPN on while playing the game.
If you have successfully created your Brazilian Google account, then you can go ahead and download the Honor of Kings Cloud version. Enjoy!