Level Infinite's Tarisland is set to launch on June 21 with the pre-launch event Tarisland Superstars

Level Infinite’s new free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Tarisland has been officially launched on June 21 in Southeast Asia for mobile and PC devices. Along with the announcement is the new trailer featuring the final boss, Blight Dragon.


Tarisland is a PvE fantasy MMORPG game that ships with nine classes, including warriors, priests, and more, with two paths to master. It will also feature various dungeons to explore and mini games like puzzles.

Tarisland already has over 3 million pre-registrations worldwide, and interested players can still pre-register via the Play Store or App Store to get a chance to win in-game rewards. To celebrate its launch, Tarisland announced the pre-launch event Tarisland Superstar in Southeast Asia.

For the Tarisland Superstars Event, 100 gaming influencers in SEA, including Nevin Gaming from Indonesia, Hypebits TV from the Philippines, Windah Basudara from Indonesia, and Zbing Z. from Thailand, and Lithara and Emi Mohamad from Malaysia were invited and will serve as the superstar candidates. Only 10 influencers will be selected as Tarisland Superstars and will be determined via fan votes.


These gaming personalities have a massive influence on gaming with their insightful perspectives. Their participation in the Superstars Event will not only expand the influence of Tarisland in the gaming circle but also lay a solid foundation for subsequent marketing promotions and brand building.

Tarisland will support cross-platform play, letting its players raid across platforms. To stay updated with the latest news about the game, you may follow their Facebook account.