LGD Esports Club partners with Big Goose Culture

Ten years ago, esports had just begun to grow rapidly. Five reckless ignorant boys started the legendary journey of LGD with a passion. In the past ten years, LGD has gradually expanded from an initial team, and has embarked on the road of formalization, marketization, commercialization and diversification, and has become a world-class comprehensive e-sports club covering all mainstream gaming projects today.

In the past ten years, the LGD DOTA2 division reached a strategic brand cooperation relationship with Paris Saint-Germain Club, and achieved great results in international competitions. In the TI International Invitational which has symbolized the highest honor in the past years, the LGD DOTA2 Division has won three seasons and one place. In the Epicenter Cup Major and MDL Changsha Major, the LGD DOTA2 Division has won the top prize. In the League of Legends project, the LGD LOL Division won the LPL Spring Runner-up and Summer Championship in 2015, successfully entered the S5 World Championship, and was nominated for the best club of the year in the same year. In the 2019-2020 season, LCK's popular jungler Peanut joined, injecting a booster into the LGD LOL division. At the same time, as the first domestic club with a home stadium, LGD won the best home game operation award from the LPL 2019 annual ceremony.

As an old domestic e-sports club, LGD established the King Glory Division in March 2017 and successfully entered the King Glory KPL Autumn Qualifier in a few months. In 2019, LGD relaunched the King Glory project, making a long journey and moving forward. If the three or two years that are gaining momentum are LGD's hibernation period on the King's Glory Project, then 2020 may become an explosive period for LGD to renew its vitality.

LGD is not only an “optimistic team”, but also a resilient team that looks forward to challenges and has the courage to change. As an old veteran, LGD keeps injecting fresh blood into itself and giving the team new possibilities. This time, LGD chose to talk about the big goose culture and join forces to reach a cooperation.

Big Goose Culture was established in Shanghai in March 2017. It is positioned as a “game anchor agent + MCN agency”, focusing on the glory of the king, survival of the Jedi and Tencent ’s mobile game of chicken-peace. Dae Culture added Dae E-sports club and music business in October 2018. Currently, there are three e-sports professional teams under it. The Jedi Survival and Peace Elite Project has entered the professional league.

In this reorganization of the King's Glory Division, the LGD Club joined hands with Big Goose Culture to acquire the HOPE team that defeated KSSC in the KPL qualifier, and successfully held a place in the KPL-LGD Big Goose-King of the Glory Division. From now on, this young team officially enters the King Glory Arena and competes in the KPL under the name of LGD Goose. Relying on the strong influence of the LGD club and the big goose culture in the e-sports circle, the LGD big goose will definitely play a role in the KPL.

For the LGD Goose who entered the KPL, they have inherited the team style of the LGD club that has always been united and high-performance, and are eager for every victory and highest achievement in the KPL. I look forward to the LGD Goose with all his dreams and passion in KPL, and gradually grow from a green army to a power and cultural heritage co-existing, to create a youthful colorful picture! Please all fans and players believe in the determination of LGD Goose to reach the top. This time, they will be lightly loaded and fight to the end, which will definitely add a lot of color to KPL! Only for the future, the future can be expected!

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