LifeAfter and Resident Evil Have Teamed Up to Offer Players Post-Apocalyptic Survival Experience

NetEase Games' post-apocalyptic survival game LifeAfter and Capcom's survival horror franchise Resident Evil™ have teamed up for a large-scale collaboration event. Since the first announcement of the collaboration event, the development team have continuously received positive feedback from players, which has led to the game's rise in major global rankings, reaching Top 10 on App Store Grossing Chart in multiple regions.

LifeAfter and Resident Evil a.png

Resident Evil, a survival horror game series, was released in 1996. With over 100 million units sold worldwide as of June 2020, the series has become one of the most iconic franchises in gaming history.

LifeAfter is also a world-renowned game. With its detailed portrayal of a post-apocalyptic world and elaborate survival experience gameplay, it has achieved close to 200 million global downloads since its release. It also gained the title of most competitive mobile game in multiple regions on Google Play in 2019.

LifeAfter and Resident Evil b.png

The development teams behind LifeAfter and Resident Evil have released the following message about the opportunity of this collaboration event: "When the LifeAfter team first contacted Capcom a year ago, both parties quickly reached an agreement. After a long process of continuous communication, discussion and refinement, we're very satisfied with the final product, and we're very glad to see the love and support for this collaboration from fans of both games. This collaboration has shown that there's plenty more potential for future collaboration between these two titles. We look forward to working together again and bringing more surprises to our fans! "

This global collaboration event was live for two weeks, earning LifeAfter many distinctions, including Top 10 on top-grossing on the App Store and featured on Google Play in multiple regions. Furthermore, this collaboration was also unveiled to players through outdoor advertisements that appeared in the commercial districts of many cities including Tokyo's Shibuya ward, Taipei, Hong Kong and Jakarta. In Indonesia, the advertisement for the LifeAfter x Resident Evil collaboration appeared in as many as 20,000 Indo Mart stores.

LifeAfter and Resident Evil c.png

Since its global launch, LifeAfter has been evolving non-stop in order to keep providing new experiences to players all across the world. Partnering with the acclaimed Resident Evil series, LifeAfter broke the barrier between mobile and console/PC gaming, transcending screen size and bringing different gaming communities together. Two renowned apocalyptic worlds are brought together in LifeAfter, bringing players a unique survival adventure that draws inspiration from the classics while remaining fresh and innovative.

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