LifeAfter Drops New Map on May 28th

Guild of Guardians
A New Crisis is Looming. Your Fate is in Your Hands. LifeAfter, the doomsday survival game from NetEase Games will release its latest map on May 28th. In Levin City, a new crisis is looming. Unusual weather has recently been assaulting the doomsday world. A volcano is on the verge of erupting, forcing survivors to flee their homes... Will survivors fight their way out to a brighter future, or be stuck in eternal flames?

Weather Anomalies Herald a Looming Crisis

Abnormally high temperatures, reduced crop yields, unexplained animal deaths, the spread of an unknown fog... To put humanity back on track, survivors must work with the Federation to put an end to this crisis.

The Federation is calling on all survivors to come together and travel the lands to investigate and trace the cause of the weather anomalies.

However, continuous burning fires in various areas keep disrupting their plans. Are those infected covered in flames a sign of the looming crisis?

Your Story, Your Fate

The investigation is proceeding, but in the face of major upheaval, every choice made by the survivors directly impacts the destiny of humanity.

Will you choose to join forces with Scientia?

Will you choose to leave the threatened Levin City or stay?

Will you prioritize finding missing companions or focus on responding to this disaster?

Every choice requires an immediate response from the survivors. Will your choices uncover hidden dangers or a ray of hope? The answers will be revealed by you!

Deteriorating Situation Calls for Rapid Response

A volcano eruption is imminent. Faced with the power of nature, the survivors must unite in the fight to preserve human civilization.


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