Light and Dark Come Together in Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Light and Dark Come Together in Skylanders Ring of Heroes. Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, the hit mobile turn-based RPG developed by Com2uS, has launched its next major update adding a brand-new Light/Dark Premium Summon System, a new auto-battle mode through the Guardian Subjugation and Elimination System, and the Legendary Skylander, Light Hex. Players can also experience a brand-new limited-time special event until March 25 which will feature special rewards including Dark/Light Summon Tickets just for participating.


The new Legendary Skylander, Light Hex, continues to build on Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes colorful and unique roster of characters players can collect, upgrade and take into battle. As a Support class character, Light Hex uses the power of Light to enhance his allies’ defenses by draining an enemy’s strength. With the introduction of the new Light/Dark Premium Summon System, players now have a more direct path to acquire Light and Dark Skylander units like Light Hex, making it easier than ever to expand strategic deck combinations.

In addition, the Guardian Subjugation and Elimination System have been added providing players with significantly easier paths to progress and enjoy Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes. Guardian Subjugation, available in Adventure Mode, will allow players to automatically clear stages in the background while they play other content, and can run even when the game isn’t being played. Elimination System also gives players a way to instantly clear certain game content, allowing for faster and more convenient in-game progression.

A special login event will be available to players from March 12 through March 25 offering players daily login rewards in the form of special summon tickets to get Light and Dark Skylanders. The event will also include special missions where players can earn popular items such as Skill Power-up Stones, Superboost Keys, and more. With all of these new updates, there has never been a better time to explore the world of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes is a unique turn-based RPG created based on Activision’s popular IP and is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. More detailed information on the update and game can be found on the Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes official website at

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