Light of Thel Brings Massive Update: Level Cap Now at 70

Open world 3D mobile MMORPG Light of Thel brings major updates to its current version with numerous additional features to keep the excitement on fire. From a new level cap to a massive PVP battle, Land of Thel is ready to bring players in a brand new gaming experience.

Here is the rundown of updates to look forward in the game:

Level 70 Cap
From 60, players can now grind up to Level 70 by fulfilling new Adventure and Story quest. Along the way, new monsters and NPC will be unlocked as well as a new World Map to explore.

40vs40 Guild League

Put your strategy to the test with your guildmates against other top PVP players from your server in Light of Thel's Guild League. The 40vs40 battle is perhaps the biggest PVP to be featured in Light of Thel. Teamwork and tactics will be the key for you to acquire amazing prizes from Guild League Chest to rare mounts. After every League Season, the guild leader of the winning guild will have its own statue erected in the main city to display the honor and glory of its guild.

New Difficulty Level for Dungeons
Stakes are much higher with the new Epic Difficulty available for the Demonic Kingdom in Raid Dungeons. Now players will not only put effort into skills but also on their knowledge to fight big bosses like the Nightmare Boss. Other dungeons who acquired higher levels include Sea Monster Dungeon and Terror Challenge.

Many Ways To Make Your Character Stronger
The update also introduces various ways to make your character stronger than ever. These include Starlight Weapons that are not dazzling but also ultra-powerful, Insignia System, new Hero's Path rank, additional Talent Page to improve your skillset, and Thel's Peak Card Pack to boost your skills and abilities.