Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus Account CBT Open!

The cutest action-adventure game in 2020 - Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus Account Deletion CBT Open!

Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus is an MMORPG action-adventure mobile game published by Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. We officially announce the game will be launched on all channels on 25/2/2020. The service covers South East Asia with 5 languages supported - Simplified Chinese, English, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese. Players who want to be the first one to experience the game may participate in our account deletion CBT starting on 18/2/2020! Meanwhile, players may also pre-register on our official channel to win a great number of pre-registration rewards!

‘Light of Thel’ is an action-adventure game for mobile devices, set in an open, expansive world. It features gorgeous cartoon-style animation, slick visuals, a cute and colorful cast of characters and a rich variety of game modes to satisfy all your fantasy cravings!

Freely switch between 5 classes

Choose from five powerful classes: the invincible Omni Warrior who can take and deal out a lot of punishment, the mighty Rune Mage who wields devastating area-of-effect spells, the agile Elven Archer who dishes out massive amounts of single-target damage, the sneaky Shadow Assassin who uses stealth to kill and the Holy Priest who provides supportive buffs. Each class is unique and you can switch them around in order to gain the full range of combat experience!

Challenging team dungeons

Many powerful bosses wait to be challenged. Defeating them requires not only personal skill and courage, but also careful teamwork. If the thrill of victory alone is not enough of a reward, precious treasure and superb equipment can be obtained in raids. What are you waiting for? Go and fight, do not waste your chance to become one of Thel’s mightiest champions!

Enjoy leisure time by fishing!

Endless battling, however exciting, can be exhausting. Fortunately, there are also many relaxing casual game modes to be experienced! The land of Thel is full of fishing spots and buried treasure waiting to be discovered. Clattering mining picks and clanging blacksmith hammers sing a glorious song of profitable gathering and crafting work!

Adventure with cute pets!

Along the way you’ll get a chance to capture a wide variety of Battle Pets, each with their own unique Talent Skills to aid and protect you on your journey. Mounts of all shapes, sizes, and colors can bolster your travel speed and make your adventures all the more exciting. Digging for treasure and undertaking Expeditions can bring you profits even when you’re offline!

Flaunt your unique style!

Customize your appearance with plenty of diverse equipment sets and fashion items. Express yourself with a variety of emotes. Adventure is no longer a lonely business! Sing, dance, exchange greetings or play pranks with your friends and significant others.

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