Limited Edition Costumes Ragnarok M Eternal Love - Kingdom of Fantasia

Ragnarok M. Eternal Love, or the ROM, has risen in popularity over the course of multiple updates, and with its several classes, it has become a significant habit for RPG fans. More tasks with classes like Alchemist are appearing in the game, and you'll have to combat similar creatures. They're destroying everything they see, and you need to keep this from happening.


Heroes that formerly resided in the Kingdom of Fantasia are resurrecting in this ROM realm. All of the fascinating characters and incredible fairy tales that you remember from your childhood will come to life. A new limited-edition outfit offer will be available in the game.

Limited Edition of Costumes

Ragnarok M Eternal Love, the most recent Ragnarok M event, will take place in 2021 from June 16 to July 16. This event will have a 10x rate on limited costume versions. The following is a list of the outfits you will receive as a result of this event.

Magical Wolf Song and the Wonderland March Bunny


  • These are the costumes of R rarity, and you can unlock them through +1% + of attack. And the short attack on 1%+ would also unlock these costumes. Stored attributes of the costumes are the physical Defense and the short Defense at a 1%+ rate.

Survival Riva – Rabbit and the Survival Rival – Wolf


  • These are the free costumes available on the game, which comes on R rarity.

Wild Proof


  • The wild proof is headwear, and stored attributes are 2+ short Defense and the 30+ maximum HP. You need to have the equipped attributes of 3%+ physical damage with 6%- skill’s SP consumption to get these two. The rarity of the headwear is SR.
Nature Resistance


  • Nature Resistance headwear is an SR rarity item, and it needs 2+ Defense with 30+ maximum HP as its stored attributes. Equipped attributes for this is the 3%+ short damage, and there is a 6%- SP consumption on skills with Nature Resistance.
Wolf Feast


  • Wolf Feast headwear is an SR rarity item with a maximum of 60+ HP as its stored attributes. Damage to the Ghost monsters with 10%+ and 10%- receiving ghost damage are the equipped attributes of this headwear.
Ferocious Tail Book


  • Ferocious Tail Book is a back headwear, and it has 6+ stored attack attributes within it. Equipped attributes on this item are 4%+ damage reduction, 4%+ short damage reduction, and the 8%- earth damage reductions. This is an SR rarity item.
Wolf Cub Jay Basket


  • These are tail headwear, and it has an SR rarity within it. A short attack with 6+ amounts is the stored attribute of it, and it has a 10+ short attack. For every three points a player gets by, the intelligence will add 1+ short attack as an extra amount.
White Rabbit Sax

  • White Rabbit Sax is a face of headwear, and SR is the rarity of it. There are 3+ short attacks with 30+ maximum HP stored on this, and equipped attributes on this item are 20+ short attacks with 4%+ magic damage.
Life Apostle

  • Life Apostle is a mouth headwear, and it comes with SR rarity. 3+ attacks with 30+ maximum HP are the stored attributes of this, and equipped features of 3+ attributes and 3%+ physical pen come with this item.
Dreamland Caller

  • Dreamland Caller is a back headwear. This SSR rarity item has a 90+ maximum HP within it, and 2+ all attributes, 4%+ pen, and 4%+ MPen are the equipped attributes of this back headwear.
LDPlayer on Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Use LDPlayer's Multi-Instance Sync functionality to better reroll with simple steps on the emulator. This is the alternative you should attempt if you ever want a rerolling method that takes no additional time and guarantees the finest heroes.

Players must participate in Ragnarok M Eternal Love's limited-time 10X costume promotion before the time limit expires. So, before it's too late, please complete the steps and get the best-limited-edition outfits in the game.

You can download Ragnarok M Eternal Love on PC using this LD Emulator, that has been greatly optimized to run the game on your Windows PC. and stand a chance to win a costume for everyone.