Lineage 2 Revolution Beginners Guide


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Oct 14, 2018
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LINEAGE 2 REVOLUTION is the Mobile version of the popular MMORPG with the same name. The game uses 3D Graphics with an isometric view with tab targeting system. If you are familiar with DIABLO game and MU then you should also be familiar with this game. Finally the English version of the popular game in Korea and one of the most anticipated mobile mmorpg game is here!

~Main Window~

1 RESET ALL PATCH DATA - you can use this button to remove the patch data and re-patch the game client in case your patch data got corrupted.

2: LINK AN ACCOUNT - you can use this button to link your Facebook or Google account. I highly suggest that you link your account as this will secure your game data.

3: GAME SETTINGS - you can change (lower or increase) your game settings on this page. There will be more settings options ingame.

4 SERVER SELECTION - please tap/click this button in case you want to change or move to another server.

5 FIND MY CHARACTER - you may use this button in case you forgot what server you made a character with.

Suggested GAME Settings:

Mobile devices or PC with 2-4 Cores with 2GB RAM and NOX PLAYER setup at 1CORE 1GB RAM

Mobile devices or PC with 6+ Cores with 3GB+ RAM and NOX PLAYER setup at 2+CORE 2GB+RAM

~First Log in~
Due to many players trying to enter the game world all at once, you may experience being stuck on queue for a few minutes.

Many players also reported that they are unable to connect to the game world while using data/sim. Please try connecting via Wi-Fi and make sure that your internet is stable.

HUMAN - Well balanced race that can quickly adopt at any class.

ELF - Race formed from water that are light on their feet (Wrong description was shows on the game...i already reported this issue to the devs.)

DARK ELF - the race that specialize in Dark Magic.

DWARF - Handy and Physically powerful.

~CLASS/RACE Selection Window~
There are 3 BASIC Class, Those are the WARRIOR, ROGUE and the MYSTIC. Each of the Basic Class have 2 Secondary Class choices once the character reached level 31.

Please be familiarized with the Class Selection Window:

1 Race Selection: Please tap/click any of the 4 races to see the classes, equipment’s and skills available to the race.

2 Base Class Selection: You have to select a basic class to open its skills and secondary class upgrade options.

3: Secondary Class Upgrade selection: Please select any of the available secondary class to view its skills.

4: Equipment Selection: Please select any of the available equipment’s ments to view how they look ingame.

5: Skill Showcase Panel: This is where you can see the effects of a certain skill once you selected a basic or secondary class. Tap/Click at any skill to see it in action!

Each of the 3 Basic Classes on each of the 4 Races have the same skills, excluding Human Mystic which looks like it has an extra skill.


The Warrior Class is your typical soldier that can wield a spear, double blades, sword and shield. The warrior class can branch out into a Tanker and a Full DPS class. Getting close to the target is the first priority when playing as a Warrior.

~Warrior Basic Skills~Power Strike

Rush Impact


The Rogue class is a physical damage dealing class. Not only are they equipped with deadly skills but are also agile and fast. You better watch your back. Rogue's are proficient in wielding knives, dual daggers and bows. Rogue's may also choose from mastering the dagger or bow once they reach level 31.

~Rogue Basic Skills~Mortal Blow (Dagger Only Skill)

Power Thrust (Dagger Only Skill)

Power Shot (Bow Only Skill)

Double Shot (Bow only skill)


The Mystic class holds the true power of magic. This class may focus in wielding devastating magic attacks or master the power to give life and support to others. Since Mystic's spend most of their time reading books and mastery of the magic arts, Mystics are prone to attack. So if you want to play as a Mystic please be sure to be aware of your enemies at all times. Avoiding and staying away from an attack is the key to your survival.

~Mystic Basic Skills~WindShot