Lineage 2 Revolution Patch Notes 7/25


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Aug 12, 2015
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Lineage2 Revolution x Monster Strike Collaboration Update Preview

We will be having an update for Monster Strike Collaboration on 7/25 (Wed). Aside from the Monster Strike Collab event, we have prepared various events for you, Heroes!

Please refer to the details below to know more:

[7/25 Update Details]
1. Collaboration Events with Monster Strike is about to start.
- Event Dungeon: <Keep of Catastrophe> will be added.
- Event Field Boss <Acala> will be added.
- Event Monster <Queen Butterfly> will be added.
- Monster Strike Collaboration New Mount Pet <Egg Mount> will be added.
- Monster Strike Garb and Weapon Costume will be added.
- Monster Strike Exclusive Monster Codex will be added.
- 4 kinds of Monster Strike Soul Crystals will be added.

2. NEW Weapon Costume system will be added.

3. NEW events will also start.
- Aymel’s School Event.
- Soul Crystal Removal Fee Discount Event.

※ Some parts of this update might be changed in live update.
※ We will keep you updated on our further notice.