Lineage2M has entered its beta testing for Android and iOS in 29 regions

Lineage2M which is based on NCSOFT’s hit MMORPG, Lineage II, has entered its beta testing in 29 regions, it will last until November 7.


The beta test allows players to battle 22 bosses, including Queen Ant and Core Susceptor. Participants will also receive two Rare Class Cards and 200,000 Adena, the in-game currency of Lineage2M.

Players who manage to reach level 40 during the beta testing will be awarded with a rare or higher Agathion Card and 300 Clovers. Once the game officially launches, these rewards will be granted to the players who participated in the beta testing.

Sadly, once the game has officially launched, the progress made during the beta testing will be reset. Players will have to start all over again but hopefully, the rewards gained during the beta will make it easier to reach the level you were in before the official launch.

The launch of Lineage2M will also support cross-platform play through PURPLE, NCSOFT’s proprietary PC cross-play service. Players can now play the game either with PC or mobile. Lineage2M can now be pre-ordered on Google Play and App Store.