LINE's first Battle Royale-MOBA game Royal Crown Now Available In Steam and Google Play.

Guild of Guardians
LINE Games Corporation finally released its first-ever cross-platform game, Royal Crown on both PC and Mobile. Besides being able to be played on different platforms, Royal Crown is also among the few games under Battle Royale genre that deviates from guns and military theme and instead opt for a sword and sorcery setting.

Royal Crown looks like your regular MMORPG with cute, anime-like characters donning the skills and appearance of regular RPG classes like Fighter, Mage, Archer, and Assassin.

But once you start going for a freefall into its large maps, you will notice immediately that this is not about tedious level grinding but more on surviving against more than 60 players that will do their best to slay you and loot equipment and items that will help them accomplish it.

A total of 15 character classes can be unlocked for you to use in engaging in the battlefield. Each have their own set of passive and ultimate skills that you can upgrade during the game.

You can choose whether you want a SOLO mode where all the players will be your enemy or SQUAD mode that lets you form a three-man group that will push you to survive with your wits and skills against other group.

Common elements in Battle Royale game are also here including the items and resources scattered in the map, monsters that when killed can help you level your character' skills and of course the dreaded closing-boundary system that eventually leads you in inevitable combat with other players.

Other added features to spice thing up is cooking and mining activities in the map that helps you acquire resources like foods and ore to make you tougher and formidable against other players. There is also a huge, dreadful dragon in the map that will make your survival challenging than ever.

You can also customize your character by buying skins for them and make them look cool in the battlefield. But the catch here is that that survival game shares the same scheme and view of a MOBA game; a bit clever on LINE's part but in general Royal Crown is strictly a Battle Royale type done with a MOBA-like appearance.

Royal Crown Guide

Royal Crown is a Battle Royale game in which you must survive to the end to win.
Enjoy the role-playing survival game, Royal Crown which you can experience from the field farming, crafting, to the PVP battle. Choose the game mode in the lobby, Solo or Squad. Or you can practice in Training mode to polish your skill techniques.

How to survive in battle royal
  • Full of individual characters of Champions! Use diverse skills to win the battle.
  • Obtain gears by opening the chest, hunting, and PVP to become stronger!
  • Additional help: DIY is one way to survive longer. Cooking, making Skillbooks, and more!
Age Requirement: Royal Crown requires a minimum age of 15 years old.
Game modes: There are 3 different game modes in Royal Crown:
  • You can practice your techniques without meeting actual players in Training mode
  • Everyone plays alone on the battlefield, Solo mode
  • Up to 3 players can play together, team play PVP, Squad mode
About Battle Pass
  • You will meet the new Battle Pass with the new Season of Royal Crown.
  • Earn Battle Stars to raise your Batte Pass tier to get tons of presents! Battle Pass of the season can be purchased and used only during that season.
  • You cannot claim any previous season's goods once the season ends. Don't forget to claim all the Battle Pass goods before the time ends!
How to collect Battle Star
  • You need Battle Stars to raise your Battle Tier. Battle Stars can be obtained by weekly quests and level-up.
  • Finish the quests, and level-up by playing the game. A present in every 100 tiers is waiting for you!
Invite your friends to battle with
  • SQUAD mode can let you enjoy the 3 player battle royale.
  • You can invite your firend to form a party in the lobby by tap(click) "+" button.
  • However, you have a choice to enter the SQUAD mode alone to meet new players.
  • Co-operate is the key to the winner! Enjoy triple survival play!
Ranking and Battle records
  • Check your survival and battle records in Profile and Rank (in Lobby).
  • Total, or by Champion, Game mode, Season, and other stats will be provided.
Free Champions
  • You have a chance to use 2 free Champions every day.
  • Free Champions are changing every day. (*Champions you owned can be included.)
  • New Champions can be purchased by Diamonds or Golds.
Decorate your champion
  • Show off your Champion! Go to [Champion > Change Skin] to change your Champion's look. Skin, Weapons, Hat, and Face accessory will make your Champion shines more!
Storage Chest
  • Everything you owned needs your personal touch! From the Glider, Mount, Freefall Trail, Cooking, Loot Chest, Wards, and to Spray!
  • Go to your Storage to check out what you have owned. NOTE: All Champions share the Storage items.
Rotation Shop
  • Rotation Shop changes every 12 hours.
  • If you are lucky enough, you will meet the one you've been looking for!
How to earn Crowns
  • When you claim what you already owned, it turns into Crowns.
  • You can use Crowns in Crown Shop.
  • *Some accessorizing items can be obtained more than 1. In this case, you will need to have the same 21 items to collect crowns.
I want to change my nickname
  • Royal Crown is not providing name changing.
  • Please choose your name carefully.
Push Notification setting
  • We are sending push notifications to let you know various information on the game.
  • If you’d like to disable notifications on your device, go to settings.
Why have my diamonds, crowns, or golds disappeared?
  • We've added confirmation steps in Royal Crown to prevent accidental purchases.
  • If you have found your diamonds, crowns, or golds have missing, it's because they've somehow been spent by the player.
  • Please note that we cannot offer any refunds or cancelation.
Quick Slots
  • You can register a maximum 6 items in your slots.
  • If your slot is empty, the consumable item you obtain directly goes to the slot. Open inventory(i) if you wish to change the slot item.
  • Consumable items have their own positions in the slots:
    • 1 to 3: Totem, Scrolls
    • 4: Food, Eatable materials
    • 5 to 6: Potions
Ultimate Skill
  • Champions have Ultimate Skills.
  • Ultimate Skill needs to charge before use.
  • Charging Ultimate Skills is available only by the battle with other players (not NPCs).
Attacking the Knocked out player
  • In Squad battle, you can move after a while when the Champion heath gauge is zero.
  • On mobile, you need to tap Champion facial button if you wish to attack knocked-down Champion.
Game modes in Royal Crown: There are 3 different game modes, 2 PVP modes and 1 practice mode.
  • SQUAD 3 player team mode. Players who enter matchmaking alone or as a 2 person party will be matched with random players.
  • SOLO Single-played battle mode. Everyone is in it alone.
  • TRAINING Single-player training mode. You can practice playing in real game environments without other players.
Minimum Device specs

We cannot guarantee these specifications alone will be enough to run the game. Devices are made for different purposes, and not all lend themselves well for gaming. Also, the game may be unstable if your phone has a modified OS or a custom ROM.

To play Royal Crown, you need a device that meets at least the following specifications

  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 / RAM: 2GB / OS: 4.4.0
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • CPU: Apple A8 / RAM: 1GB (2GB recommended) / OS: 9.0
  • Screen Resolution: 1334 x 750
  • OS: Window 7 (64bit) / Processor (CPU): Pentium4 2.0GHz (intel i3 recommended)
  • Memory: 2GB (8GB recommended)
  • GPU: 512MB or more of video memory 3D accelerated graphic card (NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450 (or equivalent ATI) recommended)
  • DirectX version: DirectX 9.0 (DirectX 9.0c recommended)
  • Storage: 1GB Free Space (2GB Free Space recommended)

Test your survival skills in a world of fantasy, magic and swords in Royal Crown! Download it for free and start your own journey to survival.