LinkedIn will be incorporating puzzle-based games to its platform

Microsoft-owned social platform LinkedIn will be introducing games to its users. The games that will be introduced are puzzle-based games, with three titles already confirmed and planned to be released for the new phase. “Queens”, “Inference” and “Crossclimb” can be played by the users for a limited to very short time play to get fun while using the platform. However, the platform has yet to reveal the date or time for when it will be revealed.

It was the app researcher Nima Owji that shared the news through his official Twitter/X account. It was then later confirmed by LinkedIn’s spokesperson that they will be adding puzzle-based games in the platform.

The purpose for adding the games to the platform is to add fun, deepen relationships, and to start conversations with people who are in the same field. With 1 billion users, it seems that LinkedIn has finally learned how to make their audience spend a few more minutes doing other things to get refreshed to keep them entertained and focused afterwards.

The spokesperson has also revealed that the images from Owji’s post are not appropriate. Due to this, we can safely assume that the images might be old and that we may see new designs or features in the future. Stay tuned!