Live Streaming Ideas, League of Legends PH Connectivity improvement, Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li Mod and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers discuss about Live Streaming Ideas, League of Legends Connectivity improvement in the Philippines, New Ragnarok IP Games, Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li Mod, LOTR MTG Post Malone Purchase, Roblox Animated Heads, Sanrio VTuber Project, and Hoyoverse News Updates.

PH LoL Servers
If you are in the Philippines and you play League of Legends or Teamfiight Tactics, good news because there will be an improved connectivity. Well for starters apparently Riot Games have doubled down their investments in the region to improve their infrastructure. Because apparently, majority of the problem revolves around high ping numbers. Back in January they kinda improved this with the new servers because according to them the average became 45-50ms. And according to the press article by riot games good ping speed to play, LoL is 60ms (at least for lol other games like fps need lower).

Before that do you know what is Ping? Its the time it takes for a packet of information (say you click a mouse or press Q) to travel from your computer to the game server and back. Then this is measured in milliseconds or ms. TLDR: The lower your ping, the faster the communication is happening and that’s better for you. Because the higher the pink the where you will experience “LAG” not “LOG”. This could be the reason why you are not a challenger yet.

OK, so what's changing how will they improve the connectivity in the Philippines? It seems like Riot Games is working on local companies to install gamer servers in Manila. Currently, the servers are for League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics. The aim now is to go for 15-25ms average ping speeds for players in the Philippines and if you are in Manila players may experience pings under 15ms. Ok nice so when is this happening? players can start to experience improvements from the middle of August onwards. Riot doesn’t anticipate any server downtime and there won’t be any special steps that players have to take. Overall what does this mean? Do you guys know, Well simply you have no excuse, its really a skill issue at this point

Live Streaming Ideas
The struggle is real of live streaming you have so many platforms of choice and then you need to produce content to stream. So in this conversation, I want to ask what are good streaming ideas? Aside from playing games, I have a few in mind, let me know if these are good or bad? IRL Live stream in the Philippines, Cooking Food, Gunpla, painting, or sculpting, Sleeping, Start a religion, Exercise like yoga or Pilates and Lastly, podcast. Any more? Comment below and lets us know

Sanrio VTuber Project
Sanrio, in collaboration with ClaN Entertainment, announced the initiation of a new VTuber project the project also opened its first round of auditions last July 31. So if you are a cat person with a great personality this project is for you and have been turned into VTubers by magic. Because the project centers around the pet cats who live in a young witch’s house. The application period will run from July 31 to September 10, sadly the project is limited to Japan at the moment, so we need to wait for Pusang Kalye version. What do you think about Vtuber? I know people who went to this route unfortunately it never clicked for me.

Hoyoverse News Update
For our Hoyovery news updates lets start with Genshin Impact. HoYoVerse announced three Artifact updates for Genshin Impact, the biggest being an increase in the inventory limit. It will go up to 1,800 after the 4.0 update is released also announced it will be easier to quickly destroy Artifacts to turn them into Mora. Players will also have eight more Artifact Sets under the Genshin Impact Crafting Bench’s Mystic Offering “exchange.”
For Honkai: Star Rail. HoYoVerse subtly introduced the new Honkai: Star Rail character. How subtle? Well, it was mentioned the new Pom-Pom’s Intel promotional note. This is the only info available “I heard that there’s an acrobatics expert by the name of Guinaifen. Maybe Trailblazers will have the chance to meet her!”

Roblox Animated Heads
In a tweet by Bloxy news apparently, there is a feature of Roblox where the head of the avatars can animate based on your face. Basically, Roblox has now incorporated a facial capture feature. players can use their cameras to create real-time facial animations in avatar chat to communicate with other users. Its currently in the studio, but if you are interested to test you need to go to the Roblox HQ experience to try this feature out. I wish online games would do this not just Roblox.

SF6 Mod
Do you guys use game mods? If you have what type? Well apparently a host was using one during a Street Fighter 6 tournament. It was an innocent mistake however he was streaming the tournament on Twitch. The match is between Chin-Li and Kimberly and his mod is a Chun-Li Mod. It's an NSFW Streetfighter 6 Chun-Li Mod. The mod removes all clothing except for the hair ribbon, im not sure if the views increase however the Twitch account is now a risk. To be fair Street Fighter 6 is rated 18+. Don't get me wrong there are mods that can improve the game for example anyone remember the Warcraft 3 mod? It's now known as Dota?

Monster Hunter Now
According to the Verge article Monster Hunter Now will be available globally on September 14. Just a recap Monster Hunter Now is new Real-world hunting action RPG by Niantic and CapcomIf you played Pokemon Go, the AR Tech is similar. The idea is go outside and embark on a global quest to track down and hunt monsters. Then loot, make new weapons, and fight a bigger monster. Sounds fun? Just be careful especially if you have a shady neighborhood!

Is anyone playing Magic Cards? What are your experiences? Are you aware of Lord of the Rings? Well recently there was an MTG and LOTR collab, which has its own issues but our focus today is the Magic: The Gathering's Lord of the Rings The One Ring card and a lucky person someone has found it. Note this card has a bounty of 2 million USD that's around 111 million pesos. If you think think the price is too high and no one will buy it? Well someone did. The buyer is none other than Post Malone. According to Polygon, A representative for Trafton has confirmed the sale price “$2 million. Do you guys still know where you put those NBA cards or MTG Cards? They might sell tbh

New Ragnarok Games
Gravity will release three new titles for Ragnarok. RAGNAROK 20 HEROES, Ragnarok V: Resurrection, and Ragnarok Begins. RAGNAROK 20 HEROES is a retro RPG game that features fast-paced battles in a hack-and-slash style. Pre-registration and CBT for the game will be available this August 2023. Ragnarok V: Resurrection is a cross-platform MMORPG game that players will be able to play on both PC and mobile devices. the game is the sequel to ‘Ragnarok Valkyrie’s Rebellion. Then finally Ragnarok Begins, a multi-platform side-scrolling arcade MMORPG based on the Ragnarok IP


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