Liyab Esports has secured their spot for the playoffs of Pacific Championship Series Summer

After Liyab Esports beat Impunity yesterday, Liyab celebrated their win as they finally entered the playoffs placing them as the 8th team to enter Pacific Championship Series Summer Playoffs.


For the major part of the match, Impunity held the lead until Liyab saw their chance and had a fight favourable to them with 4 kills and their mid laner’s life, Jhon Mike “Xyliath” Tungol. Another fight happened, two minutes after, in the same spot with the same outcome. Liyab gets an advantage which then they convert onto Baron Nashor as well as again at the cost of Xyliath’s life.

With these two consecutive fights as well as the Baron buff, it gave Liyab a gold lead, which was at first a 2.7k gold behind to then 4.4k ahead. Impunity attempted again a fight near the mid tier 2 tower but to no avail. Liyab gets 3 kills with only Impunity’ mid laner left and AD Carry who was left behind at the base to defend as Liyab goes and destroys the top inhibitor.

Liyab proceeds to take advantage of the circumstance they put Impunity into until a final fight occurred in mid lane resulting in Impunity’s defeat. Liyab’s jungler, Edrian “DoeDoii” Brancia was announced as the MVP for this match.

Only the top two out of the eight teams that qualified in the playoffs will qualify for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. For Liyab to get a spot in the Worlds, the team will have to go through one BO3 match and three BO5 matches to get to the Finals of the playoffs.


Playoffs will begin on August 19 with Boom Esports and J Team’s match as an opening. For Liyab, their playoff journey will start on August 20. All the matches can be streamed on lolpacific Twitch channel.