Liyab Esports reveals its Wild Rift roster who were former LoL PC Pro Players

Liyab Esports finally reveals its roster for League of Legends: Wild Rift and it is composed of former League of Legends PC pro players. Among all the LoL PC esports teams in the Southeast Asia region, Liyab Esports holds one of the most successful teams in the competitive play of League of Legends PC.

liyab esports wr team.jpg

When the organization’s previous Wild Rift roster wasn’t able to maintain its momentum and lost its chance to qualify in Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021, Liyab Esports decided to release all of its members and decided to build it from square one.

Liyab Esports introduced its new Wild Rift roster through a promotional video that they posted on their official social media accounts.

Fans of Liyab Esports League of Legends PC roster will know them but for those who don’t, the following are new members of Liyab Esports Wild Rift roster:
  • Jay "Speltz" Tabarangao - Baron Lane
  • Edrian "DoeDoii" Brancia - Jungle Lane
  • Ren "Kanji" Motomitsu - Mid Lane
  • Gabriel "Sho" Sebastian Umali - Mid Lane
  • Klyde Perfection "Klyde" Abello - Dragon Lane
  • Jhon "Xyliath" Mike Tungol - Support
  • Gerald "Tgee" Gelacio - Coach
As you know, Speltz, DoeDoii, Kanji, and Xyliath were all former LoL PC pro players of the same organization, however, they now shifted to mobile esports and will represent Liyab Esports in Wild Rift tournaments, while Sho is a former member of Fennel University and Klyde from Oasis Gaming who’s now joined the veteran LoL PC players to play under a new organization.

Coach Tgee, who is Liyab Esports’ LoL PC coach, also joins his former team as he shifted from LoL PC to League of Legends: Wild Rift esports.

With this new Wild Rift roster of Liyab Esports, the fans are now curious who will represent the organization for LoL PC competitions as they have been successful in LoL PC esports with Speltz, DoeDoii, Kanji, Xyliath, and Coach Tgee. It will be exciting to see what amazing gameplay performances the team will show once they debut in the Wild Rift esports tournaments.