LoL Account Selling


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Nov 4, 2018
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As some of you may be unaware, Account Selling is strictly prohibited in the LoL community as stated in our End of User License Agreement under Section III - D. Any Summoner caught selling an account in any Garena channel and in game will be permanently suspended. Any one who gets caught selling an account of a friend or anyone else's account for that matter will also receive suspension.

We would like to advice all Summoners to keep their passwords private so we can prevent 3rd party users from accessing your account. You're the only one responsible for your account and it's safety at all times. Once an account is proven guilty of Account Selling it will be permanently suspended, and will be irrevocable as Garena deems fit.

* For account selling reports, PM our Moderators here in our forums and include an unedited screen shot of the account seller.

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