LoL Mobile, Dead by Daylight mobile, World of Dragon Nest, MSC 2019 and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about LoL Mobile being rushed rumor, MSC 2019, Dead by Daylight mobile, World of Dragon Nest, Destiny 2 New Light Free to play, Ragnarok M Savage Adventure, and LoL Qiyana

LoL Mobile being rushed?
  • Take this with a grain of salt as the sorcerers for this news are not verified
  • According to weibo post LoL mobile’s development is being rushed by Tencent
  • in fact there is already a recruitment notice to test the trial version of the game
  • according to the post the requirements are users must be a minimum of gold rank in the pc and a priority for users who are platinum above
  • it's also stated that there are only 500 participants that will be selected with a non disclosure agreement
  • based from the rumor this test is to compare the features of the mobile version to the pc version
  • note that we can't verify this claim or the source but one thing is for sure
  • League of Legends mobile is being developed by Tencent and Riot Games

Dead by Daylight mobile

  • During a live stream by Behavior Interactive they announced that Dead by Daylight is coming to Mobile as well as Nintendo Switch
  • The devs also promised the mobile version will be the same as the desktop version
  • For those unfamiliar Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game where there are 5 players
  • One of those 5 players is killer while the rest are the survivors
  • the objective of the game is to survive and escape from the killer
  • there is currently a similar game for mobile called Identity V from Netease
  • but to those who don't know Behaviour Interactive worked in cooperation with Netease Games to develop the game called identity v
  • so basically there was a consent in their new asymmetrical mobile game
  • there is currently no release date for the dead by daylight game but will keep you posted so stay tuned

World of Dragon Nest

  • After years of silence the World of Dragon Nest is getting a publisher for SEA region
  • it was reported recently that Nexon Thailand has signed a publishing deal with Actozsoft
  • to those who don't know this the parent company of Eyedentity Games
  • and the part of their deal is to publish World of Dragon Nest in the south east asia region
  • so these countries involved Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines
  • World of Dragon Nest was first announced in 2016 then our last update was from the china joy 2017
  • it was initially revealed to be a cross platform game for both mobile and pc
  • however in the recent report there was no mention of this so we speculate it will be a pure mobile game
  • According to nexon thailand the game is planned to launch this year around q3 or q4

MSC 2019

  • The mobile legends south east asia cup has been announced
  • the match is scheduled on Jun 21 to 23 at the smart araneta coliseum
  • according to the press release there will be 9 countries with 12 teams joining
  • and the prize pool will be more than 120,000 usd
  • so lagpas 6m
  • the participating teams are
  • Geek Fam, Bren eSports, IDNS, EVOS SG, ArkAngel, Overlockers, Louvre, Diversity Helheim, Resolution, ONIC Esports, Burmese Ghouls and Wawa Gaming
  • the tickets are now available with 5 pricing range
  • Mythic for 1,710 php
  • Legendary for 1,290 php
  • Epic for 860 php
  • Grandmaster for 570 php
  • and Master for 290 php
  • note that all ticket types are for 3 day passes

Destiny 2 New Light

  • Eyes up guardian
  • because in a recent report destiny 2 is getting a free to play version called the destiny 2 the new light
  • this free version will launch on september 17 along with the new dlc shadowkeep
  • Destiny 2 new light will include all year 1 content like curse of osiris and warmind for free
  • they also mentioned the foundational mods, activities and rewards will be in this version

Ragnarok M Savage Adventure

  • Ragnarok Mobile recently announced their event Savage Adventure which will run from June 1 to July 1
  • This event is divided into 8 segments
  • first is the Growing Pains, a limited per account login event where you complete quests
  • after completing each quest you may receive an Ollies Lucky Gift Box then a Piglet Doll Hat Blueprint upon full completion
  • 2nd event is the gratitude bonus where there is x2 rewards on the mission board
  • 3rd event is Dragonboat Festival
  • in this event payon will be invaded by sticky rice puppets which upon deating you may receive the piglet badge and a chance of zonzi babe blueprint
  • 4th event is visit the savage babe family
  • where you need to to payon and find the savage family to receive the piglet badge and ollies treasure map
  • 5th event is the savage babe gratitude where the endless towers rewards are x2
  • 6th event is the ollie thanksgiving gift box, a limited sale on the big cat coin shop
  • 7th event is Ollies Treasure gift box, another big cat coin shop limited sale
  • then finally is the 8th event is the moonlight fairy tale
  • a costume series for the fantasy generator feast where the will sell the moonlight fairy tale
  • so those the RoM events for this month of June

LoL Qiyana

  • Riot games released a teaser for their upcoming champion Qiyana the empress of elements
  • a new jungle assassin champion from the region Ixaocan
  • based on the champion road map which was released last April
  • Qiyana will be an AD based assassin
  • based on the reports Qiyana is expected to arrive on patch 9.13 or 9.14