LoL Mobile Leaked Gameplay, Speedy Version Issues, SAO Alicization Rising Steel and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk the new league of legends mobile leaked hands on gameplay! then ragnarok m eternal love september event Smokie Back to School! mobile legends speedy version problems and issues, we will also talk about Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel for mobile, yakuza 7 and finally Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes

LoL Mobile Leaked Hands-on gameplay

  • A few days ago several screenshots and a vertical video of lol mobile games was supposedly leaked
  • actually we covered that in our previous weekly news, just search for it if you are interested
  • but now another video has been surfacing the internet and this time its a hands on gameplay
  • full disclosure again
  • this gameplays are not confirmed to be lol mobile as we cannot the source
  • as currently this gameplays are claiming to be coming from chinese beta testers
  • the video title if translated to english even says the following “League of Legends mobile game test version film outflow”
  • not sure what “film outflow means” sorry we are not fluent in chinese haha
  • So going back to the hands on video gameplay
  • the potential or claimed lol mobile game is being played at its full mobile glory just like the pc version
  • because the video gameplays shows the mobile versions features similar to the pc version which includes its graphics, abilities and champions
  • Some users also noted that the team nexus on this gameplay seems to be missing turrets but on the later footage there are towers on each lane
  • we speculate this might be due to the game being on early development
  • or who knows its fake?
  • the mobile version of League of Legends has also been updated to suite mobile users
  • because similar to mobile legends or arena of valor
  • the controls are similar as the joysticks are on the left while the skills and abilities are on the right
  • the additional HUD and game information are on the top with the map on the upper left side
  • and then if you look closely the chat is at the bottom of the map
  • according to dextertos reports there will be 27 playable champions which is not alot compared to the pc version
  • coz i there are 144 already, we've already lost count lol
  • so far those are the notable features displayed on the hands on gameplay
  • hopefully we can have a much clearer in the future
  • but also again take note this is not yet confirmed to be legit
  • because currently riot games or tencent has not even commented or confirmed regarding the leaks
  • actually they haven't event confirmed they are developing lol mobile although we have Reutors who recently reported that Riot and Tencent has already started the mobile version of league
  • as for the release date? there has been no mention but from the anonymous source of dotesports
  • the lol mobile won't be releasing this year that's according to them but from another source they says its coming out by the end of the year
  • so there again it's up to you to believe if this is a legit gameplay or not
  • and one more thing
  • what do you think will happen to mobile legends once lol mobile has been officially released?
  • will it be enough? what do you think?
  • let us know in the comments!

Ragnarok M September Event Smokie Back to School

  • Since september is coming new Ragnarok Events are inbound
  • so this months new event is called Smokie Back to School
  • currently the september event are divided into 9 parts
  • so in this video we will provide you a brief summary of what to expect on this events
  • ok game!
  • so the first event is called the Sign-in Mission
  • so during this event if you go to Prontera square you can find Reines to accept the “Truancy Club and Teacher's League”
  • note that this are a series of mission with a total of 5 quests which upon completion you will receive a Smokie Treasury as a reward
  • during this event, players will have to choose a team which will affect your reward
  • there are two options Truancy Club and Teacher's League
  • so after five days you will receive Truancy Crown Blueprint or Flying Wisdom Blueprint depending on your team
  • the second event is Monster Loot
  • so in this event a group of smokie hunters will appear in prontera north
  • if you defeat them you will receive a smokie badge which you can be traded on the exchange
  • then the third Event is called Instance
  • so during this event you will need to find the Smokie head master Orim to enter the instance “Smokie School Incidence! ”
  • where you will need to enter a dungeon 3 times to save 6 smoke students
  • for each rescue you will receive a “Smokie Treasury” and “Smokie illusion potion”
  • do note fly wing is not available in the instance
  • the fourth Event Repairing the Campus, Donate “Gems”
  • so if you are familiar with gem duke this is pretty much the same
  • basically you need to donate some gems to the smokie campus to repair it.
  • which of course will reward after a certain amount
  • 5th event The Smokie's Appreciation Mission Board
  • where in this event, the first character who finish a mission board quest will receive 30 "Smokie Badge" as extra rewards
  • now for the 6th event The Smokie's Appreciation Time Rift
  • the first character who finish Time Rift will receive 30 "Smokie Badge" as extra rewards
  • Event 7: Smokie's Appreciation Endless Tower
  • During the event, the first character who finish Endless Tower will receive double rewards
  • Event 8: Mid-Autumn and Full Moon Gift Box
  • basically the “Mid-Autumn Gift Box” and “Full Moon Gift Box” will be available on Big Cat Store
  • then finally 9th event Gachapon Feast where Rosa Knight Themed Costume will be available on Gachapon Feast
  • so those are the Ragnarok M September Event what do you think?

Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel

  • Remember the mobile game Sword Art Online: Alicization Braiding?
  • well its was renamed Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel for western audiences
  • the game will still release on Android and iOS but this time we now have more game info
  • so what's the game about?
  • according to the official press release
  • Alicization Rising Steel will integrate classic RPG elements in the story
  • however there will be streamlined controls for special skills
  • so if you are interested in the game is currently on pre registration with milestone rewards
  • as for the release date unfortunately there was no release date mentioned

Yakuza 7

  • Sega officially announced Yakuza 7 for the PS4
  • this was unveiled during the press conference at UDX Theater in Akihabara
  • for the western audience the game is title Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  • Yakuza 7 will have a new protagonist and a new setting
  • according to the press release since there is a new character, not only the story but the gameplay will also change
  • so if you are interested in the game will release on January 16 2020

Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tribes

  • Bandai Namco recently announced a new Naruto game called Naruto x Boruto Ninja Tries
  • the game will be a free to play mobile with a PC version coming out soon after which is playable via browser
  • the game will be a 3v3 team play RPG where you collect characters from the franchise
  • so basically this sounds like a gacha game
  • So if you are interested, the game will be released on android and ios
  • the game is expected to be released this winter

Mobile Legends Speedy Version Issues

  • Recently Mobile Legends launched the Speedy Version
  • but there seems to be a lot of problems and issues
  • infact this where even acknowledge by moontoon
  • So what are these issues and is there a fix for them?
  • first is the lag issue
  • which is weird because this was supposed to be the problem the speedy version is fixing
  • but instead it made things worse
  • so what's the fix?
  • well currently there is none
  • according to the mobile legends devs there are currently working on a fix
  • and as a compensation the credit scores for players who encountered this issue will be restored
  • they will also send magic wheel potion and zodiac token as compensation
  • the next issue is the account loss
  • so apparently upon updating on the speedy version some players lost their account! ouch!
  • as advised by moontoon do not uninstall the current version instead install the new version directly
  • then here are the fix based on situations
  • If you have connected your account to any platforms such as MOONTON Account, Facebook, Temporary Account or Google Play
  • is you only need to switch the account and login on different login methods
  • then the second situation is if you did not connect your account to any platforms is you will need to to the customer service section
  • then select account problem until you find forget platform accounts
  • so from this point you will just have to wait for moontoon to help you retrieve your account
  • currently this are the two major problems on the speedy version
  • there are also minos issues like unable to claim reward of avatar border
  • which you can fix by downloading the additional resources
  • the next problem is some player might get stuck on the loading screen
  • according to moontoon this happens the first time you launch the speedy version
  • this is because the client is still extracting the client assets so you just have to wait
  • there are also numerous problems like Game Crashed, Unable to Load into Battlefield, Lag Issue and Encountered Blank Screen
  • currently there is no fix for this
  • moontoon said they will update asap if there is a fix inbound
  • wow thats a lot
  • so for an apology moontoon will send 10 Rare hero fragments and 10 skin fragments for compensation
  • so what do you think? are this enough?
  • have you encountered other problems as well?
  • let us know in the comments!