LoL Mobile Leaked Photo and Video Gameplay, Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.06, Assault Ragnarok and more

Guild of Guardians


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk LoL Mobile Leaked Photo and Video Gameplay, Mobile Legends King of Fighter collaboration, Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.06 breakdown, Assault Ragnarok for PC and Mobile, Need for Speed Heat and a brand new saints row game.

LoL Mobile Leaked Gameplay

  • Recently several screenshots and a video gameplay was supposedly leaked on reddit and social media
  • the leaks claim that this are official lol mobile gameplay
  • according to the reports this leaks are coming from a chinese beta tester for the game
  • it's unknown how they managed to get this images and video
  • but one thing is for sure its illegal
  • so disclaimer it's up to you to decide if these are legit or not as we cannot confirm the validity of this
  • so coming back to the leaks
  • so far the gameplay photos looks very similar to the current league of legends ui but tailored more for mobile
  • elements like the qwerty layout are remapped for mobe thumb use on the right section
  • while the wasd is now a joystick on the left
  • several of the champions also look similar to their pc counterpart on the champion gallery
  • the video gameplay was also oddly recorder vertically so we can't get to see much of the details
  • we are not sure why its recorded this way maybe they are hiding the beta testers identity
  • who knows
  • the video though shows the fluid movement of the champions similar to the pc
  • we are not sure what's the current frame rate
  • but so far no lag was shown
  • which could be a problem depending on your device
  • because it either means you will need a high end device to play the game
  • again not confirmed
  • but if we see other mobile moba games in the past
  • it's still possible to use low tier devices
  • officially however riot games and tencent hasn't made any comment regarding the leak
  • however one thing we know for sure is the lol mobile is currently under development
  • according to reuters
  • the development started its production over a year ago
  • based on this information major websites don't think lol mobile will not release this year
  • but probably on 2021 with no definite release date
  • assuming everything goes to plan
  • it's also unknown what will happen to Tencent’s other moba IP AoV
  • will it be abandoned?
  • but one thing is for sure if the lol mobile is good this will be a good competition to mobile legends
  • and maybe will get a response from valve to release a dota 2 mobile
  • but what do you think?

Assault Ragnarok

  • If you remember a few days ago we mentioned the Gravity is teasing a new game based on the Ragnarok IP for PC and Mobile
  • well now it's revealed to be Assault Ragnarok if google translated
  • the problem its its very very very disappointing
  • because it's a rehash of the classic Ragnarok Online
  • so basically it's using the same 2.5d graphics
  • and something odd is that it's now using the engine called layabox which is used for HTML5
  • meaning the game will run on the browser without downloading the game
  • in short it's now a browser game
  • no wonder the mentioned it's going to be cross platform
  • anyways aside from it running on the web browsers according to the reports
  • gravity will still release official apps for both android and apple devices
  • because the mobile version for Assault Ragnarok will now be played vertically
  • and yes there will be auto functions which can be found on other mobile games
  • so far there are 5 starting classes
  • but one thing they didn't forget is that there will be 100 types of costumes, mounts, and cosmetic items
  • probably for micro transactions
  • Based from the reports there was no mention of the end game content WoE
  • however it will have 5 months worth of content updates
  • So if you are interested in the game is free to play but currently there are not plans of release outside of Korea
  • so are you disappointed? well atleast we are


  • So recently Mobile Legends continued its King of Fighter collaboration
  • this time they are bringing an epic skin “K” for gussion which will be available on Aug 20
  • an Aurora’s epic Skin Kula Diamond which will also be available on Aug 20
  • then finally Dyrroths Epic Skin Orochi Chriss which will be available on Aug 22
  • you can pre order this skins to get the KoF strikes
  • will will give you tasks to complete and draw free skins
  • there is also a mode called KOF bingo which is limited time access only
  • so basically you collect the KoF skins to unlock the exclusive rewards
  • which will be available from Aug 22 up to september 19
  • so far the rewards includes KOF battle Emotes and KOF REcall effect
Mobile Legends Speedy Version Patch 1.4.06

  • then finally we also found out that Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.06 is coming
  • so what's new?
  • currently Bruno is being revamped on this patch
  • then the Evolve Mode is being Optimized
  • because this time the art design as well as a new skill called Sprint for the devil has been added
  • there will also be smaller sare area for more intense battles
  • the Mobile Legends Live stream has also been upgraded
  • as there will now be set of rewards for the streamers
  • then there is this update which they call the “Speedy Version”
  • which according to moonton will increase the start up speed and loading speed by 60 percent
  • they also mentioned an increased of FPS with fewer lag issues for a better smoother experience during battles
  • however this update will be launched gradually
  • meaning not all will receive it yet
  • so for the hassle they will be providing account rewards which includes tickets and double bp cards
  • players will also have event benefits for weekend login and trial cards
  • ML laso upgraded its MCL
  • because now they increased the chance to get permanent skins for MCL champions
  • then rewards have also been revamped because now everyone who participates on MLC will receive rewards
  • in the update there will now be more Penalties for AFK behaviors
  • because now only players who have 100 credit scores or more can join the MCL
  • then if you are AFK you will lose more credits scores
  • then if this escalated further
  • players who have AKF behaviors in MCL will be banned from MCL for several weeks or even months
  • so for better experience
  • the matching system’s experience is optimized
  • because now you will be matched with more suitable allies and opponents
  • so far those are the major updates for the new ML patch

Need for Speed Heat

  • EA has recently announced a new Need for Speed game
  • unfortunately it's not need for speed underground h
  • however
  • the new NFS game is called Need for Speed Heat which will combine street racing and police work
  • the game is set on an urban setting and of course with customizable cars
  • so if you are interested! the game will launch on Nov 8 for all major platforms

Saints Row
  • In a recent financial call by THQ Nordic
  • Volition is deep in development of a brand new saints row game!
  • according to the company the new title is “the first full entry in this much loved series since Saints Row IV was released in 2013.”
  • unfortunately it's unknown if will be getting the old gang back and currently no release date mentioned