LoL Pacific Championship Series Week 2 Results

Ahq eSports Club continued their winstreak in Week 2 of PCS, defeating the Southeast Asia trio of Nova Esports, Liyab Esports and Resurgence. The Taipei-based juggernaut remains the only unbeaten team with a 6-0 record after two weeks of PCS action.

In a match that was widely predicted by PCS casters as an Alpha Esports victory, Malaysia’s Berjaya Dragons mounted a sensational comeback, defeating the Taipei-based team who had established a sizeable gold lead in the midgame. The victory on Sunday sees the Berjaya Dragons move up in the standings to 5th, tied with Liyab Esports, with a 3W 3L record.

For the Top Five highlight plays of the week, please check out the video here:

Match of the week - Liyab Esports (PH) vs Nova Esports (TH)

The El Clasico of SEA match between Liyab Esports and Nova Esports lived up to expectation in a closely contested fight. Both teams traded back and forth in skirmishes throughout the early and mid-game, but Liyab Esports contested an early 4-man Baron attempt by Nova Esports resulting in a teamfight to send Nova scrambling for safety and secured the Baron for themselves. That fight shifted the balance of the game in favour of Liyab before ultimately sieging the Nexus for their third PCS victory.

Player of the week - LYB Doedoii

Liyab’s Jungler Doedoii helped to secure 4 drakes for his team in a match against archrivals Nova Esports, executing mechanical plays with precision. His highlight play featured him on Lee Sin performing a Dragon’s Rage kick, resulting in a three-man knock up that won the teamfight. This allowed Liyab Esports to secure the Baron before they sieged Nova Esports base for victory.

Team standings and full match week results

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