LoL Pacific Championship Series Week 4 Results

After defeating ahq eSports club (AHQ) last week, Machi Esports (MCX) maintained their red-hot form to go on a 7-game winning streak. At the end of week 4, they sit at 2nd place breathing down AHQ’s neck. AHQ won one additional game to remain at the top of the table but their performances this week were unconvincing. Nova Esports (NOV) convincingly beat them in a match which pundits thought would be one-sided due to NOV’s inconsistency this split.

While Berjaya Dragons (BJD) have been able to pick up valuable victories against teams on the lower half of the standings, they took a surprising loss against Liyab Esports (LYB). LYB benched their underperforming top laner, Kurd and replaced him with Kaigu. Initially, it seemed like a stroke of genius as Kaigu went on to earn the MVP in his debut game on Ornn (6/1/9) vs BJD. However, LYB lost their next three games (against HKA, ALF, JT) with Kaigu slumping to a 1.6 KDA. LYB, NOV, and HKA share the 7th spot each with a 5W 8L record. JT is ahead of the trio by a nose with 6W 8L in 6th place.

Alpha Esports continued to live up to their status as the ‘Robin Hood’ team, becoming one of the only two teams to beat Talon Esports (TLN) twice in the Regular Season. However, ALF’s loss against BJD left a bitter taste in their mouth as they struggle to make ground in the rankings.

For the Top Five highlight plays of the week, please check out the video here:

Match of the week - Ahq eSports Club (TPE) vs Resurgence (SG)

In the encounter between the top and bottom teams of the PCS, which pundits deemed would be a one-sided affair, the match turned out to be one of the best games of Week 4. RSG started the game with real intent, contesting for early objectives that resulted in two kills. First was AHQ Uniboy at the dragon pit, followed by AHQ Kongyue getting zoned out towards in mid lane, away from his teammates. RSG went on to pick up two additional kills before disaster struck.

At 20:40, RSG Epic caught out AHQ Kongyue in the blue topside jungle that resulted in an RSG 5-man chase. RSG new Support player, Do1u1u, flashed in on Braum, stunning Kongyue with his Glacial Fissure, and his team took him out. However, his ‘E’ (Unbreakable) was placed in the opposite direction of AHQ Wako’s Miss Fortune. Bullet Time significantly weakened RSG members who are stuck in the chokepoint, allowing AHQ to trade four kills for one, including a triple-kill from AHQ Ziv.

RSG continued to apply pressure throughout the game, even securing an Infernal Soul at one point. At 37 minutes, RSG tried setting up for the Elder Drake but RSG’s Raven was isolated and wounded by AHQ in the mid lane. He recalled back to base, leaving his teammates in a 4 on 4 situation at the dragon pit. RSG’s remaining members took the fight while AHQ tried to stall, waiting for Kongyue's Jarvan IV to join in. Wako's Bullet Time forced RSG to back off, leaving Raven, who was Teleporting back to the fight, alone in the jungle. AHQ Ziv spotted the TP and unloaded his burst damage as soon as he arrived, forcing Raven to use his Chronobreak to go back to base. Three members of RSG were swiftly taken out with Epic escaping with a sliver of health.

That fight cost RSG an Elder Drake, a Baron Nashor, and eventually the game as AHQ grew in strength to complete their sensational comeback.

Player of the week - MCX Mission

Machi Esports incredible 7-match win streak was no small feat. Their mid laner, M1ssion, stood out as the key player that orchestrated their recent success. He is ranked 4th (6.6) in KDA in the PCS and his contribution was felt immensely during a closely contested match against Nova Esports. That match was hanging in the balance up until the 35th minute where a skirmish turned into a teamfight starting with Mission luring three members of NOV over to him. He repositioned himself behind the three players with Shifting Sand and followed up with his ultimate, Emperor's Divide, to knock them towards his Machi Esports teammates. The fight was over within seconds and allowed MCX to end the game with one final push.

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