LoL Pacific Championship Series Week 5 Results

Machi Esports (MCX) dethroned ahq eSports club (AHQ) at the end of Week 5, extending their winning streak to 10 wins. Talon Esports (TLN) became the only team to complete the ‘double’ over AHQ after beating them for the second time in the PCS Spring Split. The team from Hong Kong has a chance to move to the top of the table at the end of the final week of the Regular Season but realistically, their eyes should set on AHQ’s 2nd place spot.

However, the biggest story of Week 5 was Resurgence (RSG) 3-0 miracle week, beating the likes of former LMS teams including the defending champions, J Team (JT), Alpha Esports (ALF), and fellow SEA representatives, Nova Esports (NOV). RSG playoff hopes are still alive with two games remaining.

JT suffered 3 consecutive losses this week despite showing signs of improvement in Week 4. These losses have placed them under the serious threat of missing playoffs. JT and HKA are now tied at 7th place with 6 wins & 11 losses.

Despite losing to RSG, NOV made great progress this week with 2 wins out of 3 games and leapfrogged JT and HKA into 6th place. They only need one win to guarantee their spot in the playoffs. ALF joined the likes of MCX, AHQ, TLN, and BJD in the playoffs after beating JT for their 8th win of the split.

For the Top Five highlight plays of the week, please check out the video here:

Match of the week - Alpha Esports (ALF) vs Nova Esports (NOV)

The stakes for this match were incredibly high for both teams. A win for NOV would pull them out of the bottom four while ALF has a chance to catch the 4th place Berjaya Dragons. ALF Catjug was allowed to play on his best champion, Lee Sin while Renekton slipped past the bans and into the comfortable hands of NOV Rockky.

Both teams traded kills early. Starting with NOV Ryan’s Elise gank on ALF Assassin’s Zoe with the help of NOV G4. However, both NOV player’s HP were critically low. ALF Catjug managed to catch up with Ryan, taking him out before chasing down the retreating G4. As G4 was recalling under the 2nd mid tower, Catjug flashed towards him. G4 responded by dashing forward only to be instantly killed by Lee Sin’s Resonating Strike.

Renekton is NOV Rockky’s favourite champion and his double kill on ALF Catjug and Rock evidently showed how he’s able to push the champion to its limit. During the laning phase, Rockky pushed his lane against Rock’s Maokai and overextended himself. ALF Catjug came at the right time to deliver a Dragon’s Rage, sending the Renekton flying. ALF Rock followed up with Maokai’s “R” to chain CC (crowd control) NOV Rockky. Catjug immediately jumped Rockky, however, ALF Rock hesitated for a split second and left his teammate to fend for himself while Rockky regained control of his Renekton landing a few hits to chunk away Lee Sin’s HP before landing a devastating “Cull the Meek” to not only execute Catjug but also regain enough HP to take down Maokai for a double-kill.

With the game hanging in the balance, ALF made the call to take the Cloud Drake despite their Bot laner, ALF Atlen’s Ashe, having no mana and his ultimate on cooldown. ALF Kino’s Tahm Kench was also late to the party, and Maokai was not ready for a big fight. NOV walked directly into the dragon’s pit and tore apart 3 ALF members while Catjug and Kino watched on helplessly. The timing could not have been any better for NOV as they went straight towards Baron.

Despite securing the first Baron of the game, it wasn’t enough for NOV to completely swing the momentum in their favor. They attempted to take their 2nd Baron and managed to take down ALF Kino and Rock at the cost of losing G4. The remaining 4 members of NOV returned to the Baron pit while ALF Catjug, Assassin, and Atlen tried to disrupt their opponent. NOV decided to take a 4 on 3 fight but with Kalista, played NOV MixcrosS, still waiting on her “Fate’s Call” ability, NOV PoP’s Taric tried to engage only to miss his flash-stun. NOV ran out of ways to initiate a fight. The only thing left for them was Rockky’s “Slice and Dice” but that too was denied by ALF Catjug’s perfectly placed “Dragon’s Rage”. Baron has significantly weaken NOV and left most of them with very little HP and allowing ALF Catjug to mop the team up for a triple-kill. The fight did not end there as ALF took control of the Baron pit. G4 attempted to challenge ALF for the Baron only to be chained CC by Kino and Rock. Catjug landed his “Q” to tag G4 and executed him with “Resonating Strike” to complete the Ace.

ALF secured the Baron and turned their eyes to the Cloud Drake. NOV fully aware of ALF’s intention s marched towards the dragon pit. Unlike the first attempt, ALF managed to secure the dragon, and found Rockky intercepting their retreat. ALF tried to hunt him down but G4’s Qiyana caught up with Kino by flashing forward, sending Tahm Kench towards the wall with “Supreme Display of Talent” to stun 3 members of ALF. NOV Rockky was tanky enough to stall for reinforcements. NOV took the fight by taking out 4 members of ALF and only losing Rockky to Catjug.

The final fight of the game started with NOV MixcrosS getting caught off guard by Ashe’s ultimate. ALF decided to go all-in as they outnumbered NOV by 2 players. However, NOV PoP’s “Cosmic Radiance” managed to save MixcrosS as Catjug jumped on the Bot laner. ALF Kino’s Tahm Kench pulled Catjug out of the botched attempt while ALF Rock got taken out. Catjug repositioned himself and targeted MixcrosS again with “Resonating Strike'' only to be stopped by the stopwatch activated by Kalista. Catjug was trapped and swiftly taken out by NOV. Although he was resurrected by Guardian Angel, he was not able to escape the inevitable death. NOV pushed for the win with a minion wave in their favor.and ended the match in just under 40 minutes.

Player of the week - RSG Raven

RSG Raven and RSG Shinsekai conquered their demons after defeating NOV G4 and NOV Rockky for the first time in their career. Once hailed by RSG’s coach, Crowe, as someone who “has the potential to be the top mid laner in PCS”, Raven has failed to shine for the past 4 weeks as the team struggled to find their form. In this match, he was given the opportunity to counter JT Nestea’s comfort pick, Yasuo with Renekton. Despite falling slightly behind in the early game, the turning point for RSG came when JT took the Infernal Drake but gave up mid lane priority to RSG. The Rift Herald was summoned to force JT to defend but they found themselves at a choke point in the jungle that allowed RSG Dennis’ Bard to put 4 members of JT under stasis with his ultimate. Shinsekai followed up with Ornn’s ultimate while Raven took the opportunity to pick off Nestea and Lilv for a double-kill. Raven was then able to solo-kill Nestea, push down the top lane, and made Hana’s attempt to intercept him a futile one as Raven was able to burst him down. JT Lilv and Woody were unable to follow up quickly enough to save their Jungler. They found themselves surrounded by RSG and were forced to retreat. Raven ended the game with 10/1/6 KDA, 5/4/8 on Diana against NOV, and 5/1/11 on Lucian against ALF.

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